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Was originally published at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6wT2UelkQP0

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Dirk Droll
Dirk Droll


April, "the left are insane" and produce so much fake news (same as the right-wing media and the GOP, btw... remember that 9/11 happened under the Bush-Cheney regime to justify its for-profit wars) because the "left" you see and hear from through channels like the MSM and the "Democratic" Party bosses are the FAKE LEFT. Both the official right (R) and the fake left (D) serve the establishment. Hence all the false flags and fake news along with bread and games from the top, all meant to control us, no matter whether it comes from the right or "left" arm of the establishment.

BTW, if Antifa committed these acts you describe (I haven't been paying much attention because I focus more on looking behind the curtain) I can't help but suspect that it is organized, financed, and controlled by the establishment same as the alt-right, religious right, and Tea Party.