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Politics should be about people, not corporations, and Sarah is a young millennial fighting for representation by real people and for real people. Sarah believes that all people, students, and persons deserve a chance at the American dream. We Washingtonians know what it means to respect persons across our great state, and Sarah wants to take that same progressive vision to Washington D.C. WHY SUPPORT SARAH

Washington needs representation by Us

In 2018, the average voter age in the 9th District will be 35 years old. Yet in the 115th Congress of the United States, less than 5 of the 435 members represent people like us. Sarah Smith represents the people of Washington's 9th district. Sarah experienced the impact of the economic recession in 2008 when her family was forced to move without her. Sarah ended up on her own at just 17 years old. This led to Sarah moving to Washington for the first time and falling in love with this state, and how Washingtonians cared for one another. Like many of us in Washington, Sarah graduated from college and has felt the crushing effects of our looming student debt crisis. Sarah has seen the worst of our system during her work helping families in the midst of the recession as a foreclosure specialist, her time as a paralegal, or her time as a bodily injury insurance adjuster. Sarah has worked as a political activist throughout her life, whether as a volunteer for Planned Parenthood, an organizer for a woman's STEM conference, or as direct support for immigrant families. Sarah is the voice that represents a government by us and for us. As a result, Sarah has not and will not accept corporate donations, Super PAC help, or lobbyist support.


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Pat Greer
Pat Greer


Awesome piece. Digging this.

Jon Saltzman
Jon Saltzman


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