Why School Sucks (hint: it’s not because it’s “boring”)
Why School Sucks (hint: it’s not because it’s “boring”)

This fall I’m going to be a Sophomore in high school, and although I’ve only had one year of high school so far, I kind of hate it. It’s cliche really; the high school student who hates school, texts…

Eloragh Espie

This article comes from a high school sophomore named Isabella Bruyere. In this story, Isabella is incredibly honest about her first year of high school, referencing her newfound struggles with OCD, anxiety, and depression. Many students aren't as brave or willing to express their experiences in traditional education, but Isabella's tell-all article reminded me that courage to do so can cause great impact. The reality is, the truth may be hard to say but there are people who want to hear it. The school system teaches students that their opinions and their feelings are invalid, but writers like Isabella that challenge those ideas will make a change.


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