It's Carole calling from the schools creativity competition .... my wife said as she handed me the phone.
'You'll never guess who's won the competition ' ( v's lots of local schools in the area) ... Who? I enquired .
Only the HomeEd group . I asked Carole why/how the Motley Crew of HomeEd kids had pulled off this significant achievement .
'Simple' she replied . They are much better at working together and communicating on the projects they had been set -than the overly rigid school based teams
Carole stopped informing me of these regular HomeEd victories on the numerous educational competitions she often acted as a Judge at.
It wasn't a surprise anymore . She even heard other judges 'complain' that HomeEd groups had an unfair advantage because they had more free time than school kids !
It boiled down to the HomeEd 'teams' knew how to collaborate and did not compete with each other on the tasks . Biased ... I may well be.
And I'm going to argue that Collaboration IS the Key skill to THRIVE in C21st. They don't teach kids to collaborate in school. In that rigged game ..they call it .........C.H.E.A.T.I.N.G .