Explaining the Concept of Unschooling

Really brilliant "worksheets" that provide one of the best illustrations of what is wrong with schooling I've ever seen:

"Many of us have difficulty explaining the concept of unschooling, life learning, or self-directed learning . . . To understand how unschoolers view education, simply take these common and widely held beliefs about sex, and replace the word "sex" with the word "learning."

  1. All students must be prepared to begin _______ by the same age, which will be determined on a statewide basis by a qualified panel of experts.
  1. Students should not be allowed to fall behind their peers in ________ . Those who do must be identified as early as possible so that they can receive immediate professional intervention, including medication if necessary.
  1. Students must master the skills for _______ in sequence, with the basic building blocks for _______ mastered and tested before higher-order _______ can begin."

Read the whole thing to remind yourself of just how insane schooling is, share with those who still believe in schooling as it currently exists.