Digital Marketing Trends in the year 2018


As of the year 2018, digital marketing encompasses of social media, SEO, content marketing, PPC and much more witnesses a dramatic shift where it is not ignored by business. This takes time when you dismiss visual search or artificial intelligence as gimmicks from the trending blockbuster fiction. There are so many trends and strategies upcoming in digital marketing evolving in the high-tech history. Here I have listed out few digital marketing trends in the year 2018. These key trends will figure out the emerging concepts in Digital Marketing Course in Chennai.

Programmatic Advertising

It is essential by using AI to automate for buying ads and for being targeted more specifically which increases the success chances for marketing and decreases the customer costs. According to the eMarketer, 85% of the displayed ads in US will programmatic by 2019.

Influencer Marketing

According to the marketer, Influencer marketing is a type term for word-of-mouth marketing which focuses on the key for driving message for bigger industry. Effective marketing tool influences to attract customers. Some of the influencers include celebrities, YouTube or Instagram stars for well-known journalists and bloggers spreading the word for product or business their respective channels.

Get engaged with Digital Marketing Training with our professional experts. These persons engage and interact with large network of consumers and followers on social media, speaking about a specific brand which is being loved and easy use for audience trusted has been established. Influencers are being able to set up people’s mind for pulling customers to their side.

Social Messaging Apps

Nowadays social messaging applications are very familiar among people. Is social media for playing with emojis? More than 1 billion users use Facebook and more than 2 billion messages sent between business and people on messenger each and every month. WhatsApp is trending across the world which is used by 1.3 billion users who are active. YouTube has 2 billion users monthly. These apps not only help for sending and playing with emojis, it acts as a direct contact to customers.

More than 50% of the people use these social media sites for communicating for their business via messaging application when compared to email, phone calls and much more. Get along with Digital Marketing Training in Chennai for enrich your trend in SEO, SEM, SMO.

Visual Search

This visual search is a new type of search engines which takes user experience for the next level. With this search users can upload image and get more results regarding your search list. Google’s visual search engines Google lens has recognized objects and landmarks visually through a camera application.


This year seems to have promising future for Digital Marketing Course offers tremendous opportunities to interact and engage with the targeted industry. The customer experience has been a mandatory one for the digital transformation in this year for personalizes engagement.


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