Tynan Childs

Richard Feynman was a famous physicist, both for in physics and outside of it, something fairly uncommon for the field. Many of his lectures were recorded and can still be viewed today, but one of them survived just barely in an archive before being discovered and reconstructed.

It is an elementary explanation for why planetary orbits are always ellipses. And by elementary, it means that you don't need any great knowledge of mathematics nor do you need to bring out your matrices and anything. Just, you know, "infinite intelligence". That's literally what Feynman says.

I highly recommend watching this, though this is not a video to watch at 2x speed if you want any hope of understanding most of it by the end, though at the same time you really don't need to know much of any complicated maths.

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I'm delighted to see you post this, Ty!


Great find!