Big Data Roles and responsibilities


Today, we live in the data world, where we are in the situation to handle the vast amount of data in various fields. According to the recent survey, zettabytes of data available in the digital world and in future it may increase. Due to this, most of the companies are searching for a highly qualified professional who can make sense of available data. It is not tough to become a Big Data professional, once you learn Hadoop Training Chennai, it is sufficient to become an expert. Let us have the look into what is Big Data, Data Analytics and Data Science and required skills for each technology.

Big Data

As per Gartner, Big Data is defined as the high velocity, high volume data assets that is cost effective and innovative technology for data processing. To describe an immense volume of data, the buzzword is used and both structured and unstructured data are analyzed. Big Data refers to the handling of a large amount of data where those data are not processed with traditional applications and also it cannot be stored in a single system.

Recommendation for Big Data Roles

To seek big data roles, the following are the requirements to have.

Analytical skills one must have ability skills to analyze those enormous data, also with the problem-solving techniques one can find out the relevant solution.

Creativity To generate a new strategy to gather, analyze and interpret a data one should have creativity skill

Statistical and Mathematical skills To find out data mathematically, mathematical skills are required and statistical is the major and basic requirement of big data Hadoop roles.

Computer Knowledge Most of the companies will prefer only engineering graduates for Big Data Hadoop role since computer skills are highly recommended.

Business Skills Those who are willing to work in the big data field, they must have a better understanding of the business objectives to satisfy the goals and requirements for business growth.

Machine learning Skills This skill is considered as the secondary, because it will not require in the maximum situation, only in rare case.

Programming Skill R and Python Programming are one of the major recommendations in Hadoop technology role, Even in Big Data Training in Chennai, R and Python is the part of the course syllabus

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