Why Java is an evergreen language?


Java is a platform independent language which helps to design mobile, web and desktop applications with best features. Java has GUI features that provide a better look and feel over C++ language. It enables us to play online games, audio, video, chat with other people around the world, shopping cart, banking application, 3d image, etc. Java is a well-known technology which allows you to design the application in the short span of time. Learn and become a master in mobile app development, Java Training in Chennai makes you more comfortable in app building. Reach over here and build your very first mobile, web and desktop application with extraordinary features. Nearly 1000+ students got to benefit from this academy, so never waste your time enroll today for classes and get placement opportunities from multinational companies.

Java is popular on web servers, it is used by many of the largest interactive websites. It is used to create standalone applications and it runs on a single computer. It is also used to create small applications based on an applet, which is used for the webpage. An applet helps to interact with webpage easily.

Using Java for web applications:

Chatting is fun always, Java coding is used beyond the applications. More than 3 billion devices run on Java, major company’s using Java for data maintenance process.

Benefits of Java:

  1. Java is simple, easy to design, easy to write, also easy to compile and debug.

  2. Java is robust and secure.

  3. Java supports multithreaded

How does the Java Technology work?

Java is a high-level programming language which helps to build mobile applications with best features.

Integrated Libraries: Java integrates with various libraries such as Java Naming, JDBC API, Directory Interface, Java RMI, JDBC API, etc.

Application Program Interface: API provides core functionality to the users. It also provides an interface to security and networking.

Java Development Kit (JDK) Tools: JDK Tools provide debugging, running, monitoring, compiling, interpreter and documenting your applications.

Graphical User Interface (GUI) Toolkits: Java 2D toolkit and Swing provide the feature of GUI.

Java Platform

The platform is a combination of software or hardware environment. Solaris OS, Microsoft Windows, Macintosh OS and Linux are the popular platforms in today’s world but the Java platform differs from other platforms. This is the only software which runs on other hardware-based platforms. Know more about web development via Java course in Chennai, highly experienced professionals train the students with on-going projects. Use this opportunity and enhance your app development skills in the minimal duration.

Write Once, Run Anywhere (WORA) is the mantra for Java developers. It is also called as portability.Learn Java course @FITA Academy and get your dream job with the decent package.

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