Public school. What a dreadful place. Some may not agree, but let me tell you my story.

I dreaded every day. I dreaded having to go to school and learn in a way that I hated to learn. How are you supposed to learn how to be unique and find yourself when you do the exact same work as everyone else?

Kids were a problem too. Most kids were very mean, and although I was never directly bullied, they still found a way to hurt my feelings and made me feel bad - even when I did nothing wrong. For example, they would give me weird looks or just ignore me over time. Seeing others being bullied made me very sad too.

Kids also always seemed to be in cliques. Some cliques were overpowering and they were reluctant to let you be their friend. The “popular kids”, for example, were rude to others, they would create rumors, they’d pretend to be your friend, they’d gossip, and so much more. It was something I only thought existed in the movies, but it was real!

These cliques were also a distraction. They talked a lot in class and not only did they get themselves in trouble, but most of the times they dragged the whole class with them, and we all had to face the consequences. To be fair, this was mainly the teachers fault for having false judgment, but it didn’t justify the fact that those kids were showing no respect to students who actually wanted to learn.

Teachers in general were a problem too. They always said that they had “eyes in the back of their head” and therefore knew everything, but they didn’t. They payed more attention to whether or not we were whispering in the hallway and walking in a straight line instead of focusing on the real problems that were going on such as bullying.

This got so bad that in one particular instance the teacher got mad at the person being bullied, because she was paying so little attention to what was really going on. Besides, the bully was the “teacher’s pet”. That was the one time in my life where I got so angry that I quietly yelled at the teacher for how unfair it was. That was a huge deal for me because I rarely made my voice be heard and spoke my opinion. However, the teacher just blew me off and stuck to her idea of what happened.

In Middle School there was another problem with one of my teachers that made me realize how real the whole “teacher’s pet” thing was. All the popular kids were the teacher’s favorites, and they got special attention and treatment even though they were the ones who acted the worst in class. She would let those kids do something but then wouldn’t let the rest of the class do the same, or when she got mad at the class or blamed us for something, she didn’t get mad at those kids. This made me super frustrated and I didn’t understand why the teachers were doing things like this. To this day I still don’t really get it.

The consequences teachers gave us were terrible too. Things such as getting our only breaks throughout the day cut in half or completely taken away never really helped kids learn their lesson.

Another issue was the waste of time. Instead of taking time to learn more, we’d take the “extra time” to learn why it is important to walk in a straight line in the hallway or not whisper to one another while we worked even if it was related to what we were doing. This made me really angry. If we weren’t going to learn anymore, we might as well have gone home early.

Something I never understood either was how we had seven-hour school days, but still had at least one or two hours of homework when we got home. How did we not get all of that work done in school with all that time we had?

It was all wrong! I didn’t want to sit for hours at a time. I didn’t want to learn unnecessary things and waste more of my time. I didn’t want to deal with any of it anymore! I wanted to learn more of what I wanted to learn and what would help me in the future. I wanted to figure out what I really enjoy doing and what makes me happy. But I couldn’t do any of this. I felt I was being held back from my true potential. Learning started to become unenjoyable. Breaks were all I ever looked forward to. This didn’t seem right, but it seemed like this was how it was supposed to be. No one ever said anything about it and no one ever complained. They just dealt with it, so I dealt with it too.

Later, I came to the realization that this was all wrong. Why should I have to deal with this? Why shouldn’t I enjoy learning? Just because everyone else does it one way, doesn’t mean I have to the same. That’s when I was introduced to the world of Homeschooling. I couldn’t be believe it. It was everything I ever wanted! The struggle was finally over. No more long, exaggerated nights of homework, no more unfairness, no more negativity, and most importantly no more dreading school and learning. It actually started to become something that was really fun for me, even when things got hard. I would also no longer have to sit all day long. I could lie on the ground and learn for all I cared! Homeschooling also allowed me to find what I love to do and figure out what I might like to do in the future.

I am beyond happy that I made the switch to Homeschooling. I have never looked back at my decision and I never will. So many opportunities and learning experiences have come up for me since I made the switch. If I had stayed in Public School, I would still be unhappy and not have a love for learning. You could almost say I’d be living a lie. Of course I miss things like seeing my friends every day, but at the same time I don’t miss it because those were some of the people that actually hurt me the most.

Many don’t see the many possibilities there are, because they are trapped in a one-way-thinking school. By one-way-thinking, I mean that everyone does the same thing, in the same way, leading to the same thing. There are not many choices. In homeschooling on the other hand, there are so many different ways you can go about learning. You could go on a trip or come up with your own project instead of doing the same type of project as everyone else in a classroom.

If there were more choices in school, maybe more kids would actually want to go to school and would enjoy learning. Most don’t because they don’t like what or how they are learning. Some, on the other hand, may actually enjoy the traditional school system, which is good, but for kids that don’t, they need to be shown that there are other options instead of just having to deal with it.

I feel very lucky to have found Homeschooling. It has impacted my life so much for the better, and hopefully what you can take from this is that this could happen for you too. If you’re not happy in school, you shouldn’t have to stay. There are so many other options and you are not alone. It may take some time and hard work, but in the end it will be worthwhile. I can tell you, with experience, that it was definitely worth the effort.

And that is why I made the change.

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It is possible to make the change. Great message!


Great post Miriam! I love how you covered the flaws of public schooling - bullies, cliches, teacher's pets, etc. Cool picture!!!


Great to hear your story, Miriam, thanks for writing it up!