What it is Like Going Back to School


Things to Consider When Going Back to School

When you are going back to school, whether it is at home or in an actual school, there are many things to consider. As an alumni who both been homeschooled and gone to public school before, I could help by writing about my experiences.


  1. Make a schedule

This is very important because it keeps you on track. When you have a schedule, you are compelled to follow it and stay on track to get your work done. There is also a satisfaction from crossing things off of your list.

  1. Stay focused

Do not make the mistake of getting off track. If you do this, you will forget your responsibilities and wait until the last minute to do your work, rushing and not doing it right. This will hurt your education.

  1. Take a Break

Now, it is important not to take too many breaks, but once in awhile you need a way to relieve yourself of the stress. This can be by simply going outside or playing with a sibling inside the house. Don´t take more than 30 minutes each break though.

  1. Organize

When you are in the middle of a project and you need glue, it would not be wise to waste 20 minutes looking for this. To prevent this issue, organize during summer or before you start your work. This will assure that you have everything you need in a place you can find it in easily.

  1. Set Goals

Homeschooling allows for you to have a lot more time than regular school. I would advise setting a few goals for the year and make points throughout the year in which you check-up on them. These could be checkpoints. Make these goals over the summer and work towards them. Start thinking about your future at an early age.

Public School

  1. Supplies

This is probably the number one thing people worry about. It is not too important, but you need things like scissors or tape for things in school. Don't spend too much time looking for these, but set a reasonable amount of time to do this over the summer.

2, Look Ahead

During the summer, you should spend some time looking through the list of possible classes to take. Put your schedule together. If you do extracurriculars like sports or clubs or volunteer work, make sure you do not take too many rigorous courses and that you can allocate your time, especially if they require a lot of dedication.

  1. Be Prepared

It would be a good idea to look at your classes, get your books from the library, and start studying. Of course summer is to enjoy, but you should spend some time every few days studying so you don't forget everything you learned the previous school year. This will put you behind and you will be lost in class. Study about what the class is like and then read some of the first chapter or think about the first few assignments. This will put you farther than the rest.

  1. Ask for Advice

If you are taking a class that seems hard or you do not know what classes you should take, ask for advice from students who have already taken them. You should not completely rely on them, but take what they say into account and think about it. Their advice may or may not change your opinions. You should also ask a counselor too before choosing the class so you know exactly what it is about.

  1. Strong Mindset

Throughout the year, there will be times when you will be stressed from extracurriculars and schoolwork. Do not get distracted and give up. This is when you have to push through and keep working hard to finish what you started. All of the work will pay off in the end, just know that.

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