What is the difference between QTP and the Load runner?


QTP and Load runner both are the products of the same company HP. Qtp is the short form of Quick Test Professional. Qtp is functionality based testing which is for the clicks and the inputs into the application. Load runner is for the load which says about the number of users and the size of the application. QTP records the GUI and converts it into the scripts whereas the load runner records the protocol and converts that into the scripts to test. Qtp can run only in windows whereas Load runner can be used in windows as well as in UNIX also. Join the LoadRunner Training in Chennai to prepare yourself for the testing interviews.

Advantages of using the QTP

The recording of the screen is very helpful for the tester to record the objects and properties in the screen. It identifies the object very fastly. It records and it plays back the testing process for reusing the testing for many times. It supports IDE and XML. It can be used with other testing tools like test management tools like quality center, test director and win runner. LoadRunner Training is designed with real time projects and practical oriented classes to educate the beginner in the software testing industry.

Advantages of using the LoadRunner

Load runner records the client and server performance and then checks the delay in the network or the function. Load runner constantly monitors the performance to improve the speed of the function. New tuning module add-in, WAN emulation support, sun one studio4 IDE add-in, J builder for Java IDE add-in, native ICA support for citrix meta frame, web transaction breakdown monitor for isolation performance problems, data wizard for data-driven testing, goal-oriented testing with autoload, enterprise java bean testing and XML support are some of the advanced features in the load runner 7. QTP Training inChennai provides flexible timings for the students and the working professionals. Software testing is the right professional for those who have less interest in the coding side.

New features in UFT

UFT support VB script the scripting language. It also supports the javascript and the windows shell script. The unified functional testing is called as UFT. QTP support only the GUI testing whereas the UFT supports the GUI testing and the API testing in the web application. UFT supports the internet explorer v6, v11, Fire fox v3.0, -v31, Google Chrome v12, -v35, and apple safari v6, v6.10, v7.00. QTP supports only internet explorer, Google Chrome v36, Firefox browsers, and apple safari. QTP and UFT both support the Windows operating system. Join the UFT Training in Chennai to know about the difference between the QTP and the UFT.


Software testing is reaching the next level due to the RPA tools. Initially, testing was divided into functionality based testing and performance-based testing but now it is also named as the process based testing. QTP and load runner requires the coding knowledge whereas the RPA tools requires no coding knowledge.