Use of JAVA from different perspectives


Java is originally designed for the set-top boxes and embedded devices in the year 1991. As of the latest report, java is used by 9 million developers and 3 million Android phones run on Java. Learning the evergreen technology Java from JAVA Training in Chennai increases the job opportunities. Java applet is used for writing web development programs. The applet is executed within the browser and run in the HTML page. JDBC is the Java API that provides the connection between the java programs and the database. JDBC interact with the database through the SQL statements. JVM is the machine language of Java which is used to convert the source code into the machine code. It is designed to run on specific operating systems like Windows or UNIX. Thus Java is used for multi-purpose like for web development, and artificial intelligence.

JAVA and web development

Java applet and java script are used for the web application development. JAVA Course in Chennai is the best course for those who want to enter in to the software industry. Java script is the open source software and provides high security to the web application. Java compiles the source code into the machine code. Java script is lightweight and does the same functions as Java applets. The byte code in applets is heavyweight and the text code in JavaScript is of lightweight. Java script works well with the HTML and CSS. JavaScript apps work well on the client side than on the server side. Join the Java J2EE Training in Chennai and sharpen your programming skills.

JAVA and the database

The new advanced data types handle the relational database as the object databases. The JDBC 2.0 API maps the data types to the JDBC interfaces. JAVA Training highlights your bio-data among the huge professionals. The array object is retrieved by the method get Array. The new SQL3 data types BLOB and CLOB work in the similar fashion and makes the instances as logical pointers. This new function helps to get huge data without client operation. The two types of user-defined data types are structured types and distinct types.

JAVA and Artificial Intelligence

JVM is used for machine learning and artificial intelligence. Java, Scala, Clojureor, and Kotlin are some of the AI used for the machine learning. JVM is used for the computer environment as it is based on machine learning and virtualization. AI tools integrate with other technologies and then provide the access to the software. If the prototype and the production stack are not integrated then request and response of the online transactions or online presence becomes a problem. There are so many Machine learning algorithms such as SMILE, SINGA, JAVA-ML, Rapid Miner, Weka, Massive online analysis, Encog machine learning framework, reinforcement learning, eclipse RL4J, Burlap, Scientific computing/numerical computing for Java, and Eclipse ND4J.

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