The Elephant In The University

Eloragh Espie

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An issue I’ve noticed in a lot of students seeking alternative education is this: students recognize that college isn’t helping them. They recognize that it likely won’t lead them to where they want to go (unless they are pursuing a technical field). They recognize it isn’t helping.

The problem is they simply don’t want to recognize that they recognize this. It sounds like something out of a horror story or Franz Kafka, but after speaking with many people applying to college, I see plenty who have no idea why they are going, what the value of school will be, and have made their choice because everyone else around them was making a similar one.

This is one of the most disturbing observations about the world I’ve had in a long time. I hope often that I am wrong in seeing this, but I can’t evade what I’ve learned from conversations and different perspectives. People investing in college are not doing so for goals they had, but because they know they cannot be any worse off than their fellow man should they make the investment.

They believe that it is impossible for such a large number of people to be a fault.

I, as the minority, hope sometimes they are right. I do not think however that I am.