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In the year of 2004 Thought work has designed Open Source Automation tool of Selenium. Firstly they have started by Selenium IDE and then Selenium 1(Selenium RC) and then Selenium2 (Selenium Webdriver). The advancement in the open source have been taken the business

What is Selenium?

It is an Open Source Web Automation tool designed by ThoughtWorks in 2004, started by Selenium IDE and then Selenium RC (also known as Selenium 1) then Webdriver (also known as Selenium 2). The advancements in Open Source have taken the business by an expert, analysts and all others are discussing its effect. Selenium analysts have not clearly spoken as a web hosting and automation tool yet. There are several reasons why Selenium becomes famous in the testing industry thats today business looking for the experts in Selenium. Learning Selenium Training in Chennai will really help you to get a job in the testing world.

· Selenium tool is very easy to learn and free to use but we need to face the issue when purchasing the licenses.

· The installation and configuration is very simple in the Selenium test environment.

· Selenium automation testing tool supports various languages such as Python, Java, JavaScript, Ruby, C#, etc.,

· Its proficient in testing the browsing.

· It can supports latest version of all the browsers like Opera, Firefox, Chrome, IE, Safari, etc.,

· You can also perform mobile testing using Selenium testing tool. With help of this you can easily iPhone testing using android testing, Appium using Selenium and many others.

· It can supports platforms like Apple, UNIX, Windows etc., Selenium is well-suited with different tools, to name a few include Junit, Jenkins, Testing, Sikuli, etc.,

Why Selenium?

Selenium is mainly used to test the web applications. Its particularly used to test the advanced programming and processes the scripting skills. When compared to other core framework (like Studio, Robot Framework in testing automation, Kalaton and protractor) selenium can perform well. In testing market selenium is one of the best testing tools for testing the web applications. The demand for selenium is gradually increasing so learning Selenium Course in Chennai is highly essential and is operated by its work compatibility with various operating systems. When compared with other testing tools in the market, Selenium has high flexible in nature. Selenium Training will help you to grasp the career opportunity in the testing world.