New features in Android phones


The Android phones are the product of Google. The Google is bringing in so many security measures for the Android phones. The Android developers are committed to the preview of the next version of the Android. Locking of the background apps is the best feature of the new version of the Android. If the access is from the foreground then the control and the security of your mobile app is enhanced. The knowledge derived from the Android Training in Chennai is very useful to clear the interviews. The screening option in the android phones is integrated with the code snippets for the security purpose. The cut-out areas is handled by the screen displays of the android phones. Battery power has been saved by using the OLED displays. The toggle is the feature in the new version which is used to test the dark modes or the night modes. The night UI mode in the toggle will help to create and test the apps in the night mode. It is predicted by the Android developers that there will no further preview of the Android and there will be no further additions to the android. Join the Android Training and understand about the latest concepts in the Android development.

Why is security important for the android apps?

There is a survey which shows that two billion android phones are used all over the world. So, the biggest business is the android phones business as the customer database of this operating system is huge. Android phones are attracted by its model than its version. Android Course in Chennai provides real-time training with the real project to learn practically. So, many users use the old version for long time because of the attraction towards the model and the functionalities of the phones. Let me see some of the devices which help for the privacy of the android phone users. Orbot, LastPass, find your phone, my secure mail, Nord VPN, signal, and Tor messenger are some of the apps which are helpful for the privacy of the android phone users. If they use these apps and browse the information then their personal data will not be lost. Android Training Chennai is the best course for those who are interested in designing the software and the hardware of the smartphones. The tor's application safeguards your phone when browsing and it encrypts the internet traffic.

The last pass will not save your passwords but it encrypts the data and it is easy to sign in to your favorite sites with one click. There is a new feature in the Google browser that if you search ‘find my phone’ then you can locate your phone. It secures your number and provides a call back number to the person who finds it. It is easy for the finder to give your phone to you through this new add-on from the Google platform. ‘My secure mail’ is especially for the mail protection. The mail providers can be Gmail or yahoo but the password protected sign-ins is very important. The business emails are protected from hacking and the virus attack through applications like this. Nord VPN is the better place to keep all the online activities. The Nord VPN functions as like an alternative to Orbot. Signal is the app to safeguard your voice and communication. It also checks your message list and check the channels through which they are contacting. Tor Messenger is the security platform for the conversations. The communications and the messages are sent through the Tor Messenger network.