Learning benefits of Loadrunner Certification

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LoadRunner is automated performance testing product from Mercury Interactive, later acquired by HP (Hewlett-Packard). This is only certified testing tool to work on CRM and ERP applications. Currently, LoadRunner occupies 70% of market share when compared to other testing tools. LoadRunner can be used for stress test your software application or environment to identify the performance and behavior. The main objective of LoadRunner is to validate a software application under heavy load. This application able to generate real-time scenario where multiple users login from several end through specialized application named Virtual User Generator. The results can be used to enhance overall design and improvement of the software application.

Software testing is the part of the software development life cycle. The testing process is implied to monitor software development process right from the planning, requirement, analysis, development and execution stage. This process helps you to identify bugs during software development process, so that you can able to deliver high quality software product catering the individual or business requirements. The automation performance and load testing products are used to examine the system behavior, function and performance. LoadRunner is capable of generating actual load that the software designed to handle in real-time scenario.

As the requirement of quality software keeps on increasing, it boosts the career opportunity of software testing professionals in software development. Recruiters are ready to pay huge salary scale to right candidates. Thus, you need to familiar with automation software testing concepts such as LoadRunner, Selenium and QTP. LoadRunner Training in Chennai is excellent destination to learn this ever demanding technology in detail. LoadRunner experts are going to play major role in software development process. The career opportunity of skilled LoadRunner experts keeps on increasing all over the world. Software testing professionals are highly paid in software industries.

How it works?

Current version of LoadRunner is loaded with various features and functionalities. It supports internet explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. This automation testing also offers mobile device emulator to validate the performance and behavior of mobile application. LoadRunner comes with IPV6 support and it can be installed on Linux and Windows operating systems.

LoadRunner can create hundreds of virtual users to apply actual load on the application. This testing tool monitors the performance of the application or environment to identify its overall performance. It also tracks the system behavior in terms of CPU and memory under the actual load. This system also generates load and graph during the test cases. LoadRunner is compatible with various monitoring tools such as HP Diagnostics, HP sitescope and Linux servers. You can track the application monitoring code using these familiar monitoring tools.

LoadRunner is used for various types of testing such as Load Testing, Stress Testing, Endurance Testing and Volume Testing. It supports latest protocols like HTML, Flex, Java, etc. LoadRunner supports six familiar languages such as C, C#, VB, Java, Java Script and VB.NETC. LoadRunner is most used automation tool for performance testing. FITA is Best LoadRunner training institute in Chennai offering hands-on training through industrial experts.