Networking is a process which helps to connect two or more devices together. The connection between the compilers can be done via wireless or cabling. Computers can share their resources with printers, internet and other. Networking is mandatory in todays world. According to the recent survey, there is a huge demand for network engineers. Learn today and get your dream job with a good salary package. Each and every concept about networking at the CCNA course in Chennai has been explained with real-time scenarios. Use this opportunity and enrich youre your skills in this field. Within a short period of duration, you will become an expert in this field. Enroll now and learn everything about networking.

Characteristics of Network

  • Speed

  • Cost

  • Security

  • Scalability

  • Topologies

  • Availability

  • Reliability

Speed It includes how the data is transmitted in a short duration. It is otherwise known as data rate.

Cost It includes installation, cost of the network component and maintenance cost.

Security Network security helps to protect your data and you can share your data from one to another through an internet connection.

Scalability It defines how the network adapts to a new one. It includes new application and components.

Topologies It is the logical way of data movement between component.

Availability It measures the likelihood of the network is available to the users.

Reliability It defines the network components reliability and their connectivity.

Users need three components to build a network. They are:

  • Networking

  • Computer

  • Media

Network component such as switches, modems, hubs, data service unit/channel service units (CSU/DSU), wireless access points, bridges and much more are responsible for moving data between compiler.

Computer component such as Linux, Microsoft window, PC, Windows 7, Macintosh OS and other operating system is responsible for providing the users with an application.

Media Copper or fiber cabling is required to connect the networking component and computers so that the data is shared between each other.

Wide Area Networks (WAN)

WAN is used to connect LAN together. WAN is eased from carrier networks such as telephone companies, ISP and much more. WAN is of four types, they are:

  • Packet Switched

  • Circuit Switched

  • Dedicated connections

  • Cell Switched

Local Area Networks (LAN)

LAN is used to connect networking device, it consists of PC file server hub switches. Fiber Cabling and Copper are the media types used in LANs. Learn more and achieve more about networking via CCNA Training in Chennai, once completing training from FITA institute will be helpful to enter into IT world.

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