Important Commercial Restroom Cleaning Checklist


The restroom is a small room, but its condition speaks volumes about the general hygienic standards of the entire building. The minute you enter a hotel or office and you wish you could shut your nostrils to avoid the stench emanating from the restrooms; you will probably never turn to that building again. It gets worse when you have to walk into the restroom, and the sight makes your stomach turn. Office cleaning should involve thoroughly cleaning the restrooms to avoid spreading germs. Besides, the income you lose when your employees get sick and have to stay at home should motivate you to engage competent office cleaners.

Whether you choose to engage commercial cleaners or believe your janitor will do the job, the bottom line is your washrooms must remain clean always. However, there are some procedures you can incorporate daily or weekly, depending on a variety of factors. All in all, here is a checklist structured by Commercial Cleaning Sunshine Coast to help you in regular restroom cleaning and maintenance.

On a daily basis your cleaners should:

  • l Ensure appliances such as soap dispensers and dryers are in good working condition.
  • l Scrub and sanitise toilet and urinal bowls, handles included
  • l Ensure the mirrors are sparkling clean.
  • l Keep enough supplies of toilet paper and refill towel and soap dispensers.
  • l Empty trash bins.
  • l Mop floors, paying attention to behind toilets and other hidden areas.

Per week:

  • l Check that all taps are not leaking
  • l Ensure drains are clog-free.
  • l Clean windows if any.
  • l Dust all surfaces and light textures.
  • Monthly basis:
  • l Thoroughly scrub walls.
  • l Clean the ceilings, vents and sprinklers.

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