How WE allowed the Bullying epidemic ( not an exaggeration is it ? ) to flourish .
Best thing to do is put 30 or so young people ..all of the same age in the same room together for up to 6 hours per day .
Then give them tests that create hierarchies. Tell them they have to work alone ( sharing or collaboration is called Cheating in this game)
Make them compete for 'teachers' attention, make them sit still for long periods . Hey Presto - bullying will be rife .
ORRRRRR - create an education environment that has a mixture of ages working together. the older kids often help the Teacher and the needs of everyone as Individuals can be recognised.
As if by magic - bullying stops and is replaced by T.E.A.M.W.O.R.K
WE made this problem . And WE can easily solve it. Orrrrrrr, let's leave millions of kids to suffer -often in silence- exposed to the bullies. It's in our hands to STOP this now . ....Y'know , if it looks like coffee, smells like it and tastes like it. It's errr -probably coffeeee. It's that obvious , WE created the often life long misery of Bullying. Enough !!!