Hibernate is an object relational mapping framework which simplifies data creation, data access and data manipulation. A data is stored in a database and it is retrieved as whenever you required. Hibernate enables developers to write code in a simple way and it is concerned with data persistence.

Hibernate is an ORM framework simplifies data access, data manipulation and data creation. It enables developers to write code, it is also concerned with data persistence. Learn and write the Java code via Hibernate Training in Chennai, once learning code will definitely helpful to crack your interview.

With the support of ORM, a user can map a database table with java object called “Entity”. Once mapping you will get advantages of OOPs concepts like polymorphism, associations, collections, encapsulation, inheritance, Class, etc. Spring and Hibernate are very popular, most of the projects are still using these frameworks. Hibernate uses JDBC to fetch queries and then convert into Java objects.

Benefits of Hibernate Framework

  1. Automatic Table Creation – Hibernate framework helps programmers to create tables in database.

  2. Database Independent query - Hibernate Query Language is the object-oriented version of SQL. It generates database independent queries.

  3. Simplifies complex join - Fetch data from multiple tables in a simple way.

  4. Hibernate provides automatic change detection

  5. Database objects (tables, functions, views, cursors, procedures, etc.,) name changes doesn’t affect any hibernate code.

  6. Hibernate supports associations, collections, Inheritance, caching mechanism, generators, etc.

  7. Hibernate provides recovery features and information question.

  8. Facilitates organize one-to-many and many-to-many connections.

Spring Hibernate

Spring is a broader framework, it replaces JavaEE components including Java Server Productivity (JSP), Servlets and Session beans. Spring has lots of modules they are AOP, IO, DATA, etc. It is used to build enterprise applications, database objects are mapped into Java objects. Hibernate and Spring both are Java-based frameworks. If you are interested to learn Java frameworks, reach at FITA Academy. Basic concepts like Singleton, Dependency Injection (DI), Aspect Oriented framework are covered in the basic spring framework.

Hibernate supports various object states, it maps Java classes to database tables. Hibernate provides simple Application Program Interface (API) for storing and retrieving Java objects. Get start learn more about Java frameworks via Spring Hibernate Training in Chennai. Professionals at FITA Academy train the candidates with real-time examples. Use this opportunity and enhance your skills in Java field.

Hibernate helps users to operate without using API. Hibernate Query Language (HQL) is fully object-oriented and it is close to Java programming language. Learn more and achieve more with best guidance.