Cloud technology is increasing in the large applications as it is cost effective and enhances the performance of the application. According to the predictions from Cisco survey the SAAS market will grow and get 60 percent of the market share, PAAS market will grow to 5 percent market share and the IAAS solutions are also expected to increase in the year 2017. Join the Cloud Computing Training inChennai to clear the interview and get the job. Let me discuss in detail what is secret behind the growth of the cloud technology.

The storage capacity is also expected to increase from 370 EB to 600EB. In the year 2018, the storage is expected to increase 1.1ZB. The small companies gain the advantage of low cost for space whereas the big companies use the large space for the data storage and data analysis. Small companies are more concerned about the cost whereas the big companies need analysis to improvise their product. Cloud Computing Course in Chennai offers courses like Amazon, Azure, Sales force, Hadoop and IOT.

History of Cloud technology

Web services have been introduced in the year 2004 and in the year 2000 cloud came into existence. Web services are the common format to communicate to the operating system and the programming languages. XML or Jason is the format in the web services. Micro services are used to break the large application and save the data to the database. It improves the performance of the application for long run irrespective of network failure or memory management. Web services save the data directly to the database whereas the micro-services take the data to the API then take it to the respective database. Micro services save the data separately in the respective database. Thus the memory management and the network speed are increased with the usage of the micro services. Cloud environment operates through the micro-services. Let me discuss the recent trend in the cloud computing. Cloud ComputingTraining provides practical oriented training and give in-depth knowledge in the respective technology.

Cloud computing without the server

Cloud computing is releasing so many new changes in its services. The recent service is the service to the data center or the workflow management center without any server. This service is available in the Amazon, Azure, and Google. One can save the resources and the changes in the data to the online cloud platform. AWS lambda and Amazon Aurora are some of the examples for cloud product without the server. Cloud Computing Courses are the best courses for those who are looking for the career change and salary growth.

IOT technology is the versatile technology

Internet of things is set to push the cloud technology to the topmost needed technology. IOT technology not only helps to analyze the data and relate the products but also produce different types of robots. The proven example of IoT technology is that in the Japanese hospital the robot takes care of the customer care department and connects itself to many other products to provide service to the visitors of the hospital.


Cloud technology is used for the data analysis, machine learning, and artificial intelligence and in other fields also in the form of advanced level robots to serve the humans. The data usage and the data storage are increasing in numbers so the internet speed is also expected to change from the 4G network to the 5G network. As the security is becoming a big question for the social media and the online products, we expect in the year 2018 the cyber-attacks will be decreased. So, it is necessary to bring more tools like SIEM {Security information and event management} for the purpose of security.