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One of the most damaging aspects of modern schooling is the near-taboo mentality surrounding failure. In schools, failure is regarded as something to be ashamed of or to bare penance for. Failing a test is not something that indicates your convictions are misled, but rather injures a student into believing they have less self-worth.

Creating a healthy narrative around failure, rather than something of damnation, self-contempt, and hatred, is something extremely needed in order to grow. People make mistakes, but the self-destruction some kids whip themselves into afterward is not only uncalled for, but disturbing.

This may be because the schools themselves cannot tolerate failure. If the administrators fail in a curriculum, they have an axe over their heads at times. As such they often have their own axe above the heads of the teachers, who hold axes above the heads of the students.

Failure is not something to be executed over. Failure is needed in life, to know one’s limits as they currently stand, and to learn what must be done in order to find victory. Failure is not an impediment of one’s character, it is an impediment one’s ability.

The idea kids should see it like this, is beyond disturbing. Failure is the most unhealthy thing today that should have been healthy.

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love this message. failure is how we learn and grow from mistakes

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