Benefits associated with Bamboo Massage

Bamboo Massage
Bamboo Massage

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Bamboo massage

Bamboo massage is also known as bamboo fusion massage, this method combines different widths and lengths of bamboo cane to offer deep tissue massage. Therapist will use the combined method of traditional chinese technique.

Bamboo massage treatment is a technical method of offering deep tissue or swedish massage with the help of warmed bamboo to manipulate the tissue to generate a maximum sensation of feeling relaxed. In bamboo massage, a bamboo stick replaces the massage therapist's hand to give deep massage to the client. The therapist rolls the bamboo cane over the muscle with their hand which helps in releasing the tension. Bamboo massage is not available in all SPA centres, only a few Massage centre in chennai offer bamboo massage service.


Japanese, chinese and indonesian country people use bamboo canes in rituals that give energy, fertility, longevity, prosperity etc., Bamboo sticks indicate success, eternal youth, strength etc.Nowadays bamboo massage has become popular but only very few high end spas offer this technique.


There are 1200 and above bamboo species available, for this type of massage we need 4 to 15 inches of bamboo canes to massage the whole body. This treatment helps in eliminating the tension and makes you relax the client’s muscle. Also it helps with the good flow of blood circulation and eliminates the toxin which helps in relieving the body from extra fat.

Benefits of Bamboo massage

  • Cures migraines and headaches
  • Enhance arthritis
  • Strengthen respiratory functions
  • Cures shoulder and back pain
  • Enhance muscle and joint flexibility and mobility
  • Increase sports performance
  • Decrease pain
  • Speed up healing process
  • Enhance mental and physical health

Bamboo massage not only gives the above benefits, but also keeps your mind and body relaxed. Bamboo massage techniques are available in only a very few high end spas. So if you wanna experience a bamboo massage choosing the best therapy centre is the most important thing. Massage SPA near me is the best keyword to be searched in the google for the best results.