Active Release Therapy Technique

Active Release Technique
Active Release Technique

Dr. Justin Southall of Eastern Shore Chiropractic and Sports Clinic in Fairhope, Alabama discusses Active Release Technique and how he combines it with cold ...


Active release massage is a technique that was introduced and developed nearly 30 years ago and this massage was introduced mainly for athletes to have a high performance but can be beneficial for anyone. Active release therapy is simply known as ART and it treats the disorders with tendons, muscles, ligaments, nerves and fascia. The main aim is to release the developed scar tissue. During this massage, the therapist will offer foot massage and Foot reflexology chennai is the best place to have research about active release therapy.

ART is the soft tissue manipulation technique that repairs the full range of motion in the muscles. It focuses on underlying issues within the muscles. Due to daily activities like grocery, exercise, walking, active job muscles get overused.

ART techniques are trained in over 500 and above techniques and these include major muscle groups like hamstrings and quadriceps. Every person is different and unique and there is no basic step for course completion.

  • ART techniques uses his hands to find scar tissue within the muscle
  • The therapist will implement the various trigger point methods with the help of hands to release the stress within the scar tissue.
  • The client is asked to move the muscle with a specific range of motion.

ART sessions will last for 30-60 minutes. Generally, ART is the best option for the athletes with the specific pain. ART is a kind of massage therapy that focuses directly with the underlying muscle and not a fascia, connective tissue. Body SPA near me is the suitable keyword to retrieve the best Massage centre with positive reviews.