Women of the Nation are Uniting by the Thousands

Michelle Watson

In a non-partisan and non-political manner that only a true diplomat of God and man can manage, Cheryl Salem, through Women of the Nation, is rallying the women of the United States of America to pray and take our country back for God.

People have used spiritual forces to take control of our nation in an unlawful manner for decades while the Church sat back and watched. It was unlawful for women to curse our nation 50 years ago, and it is unlawful for them to now call and curse our senators over legislation and actions they disagree with. It is unlawful to slaughter the unborn and the aged. It is against unlawful for the government and the Church to sanction homosexuality and every other form of sexuality outside of the confines of marriage.

Yet many of these things have become the law of America. Breaking these laws may not land people in jail physically, but they are reason enough for us to take our argument before the Righteous Judge--God Himself.

Women of the Nation is a ground-breaking prayer ministry that is working to organize, strategize, and unify women who will pray for our nation and the Church. They pray in a way that lays our court case before God, reminding Him that He has already rendered verdicts in His courts. They testify that our nation is ready for God to carry out His verdict on our accuser, Satan, who stands before Him on a continual basis accusing the body of Christ.

Satan can lawfully accuse our nation after we had a president stand up and proclaim that we are no longer a Christian nation. However, God's word shows us that as long as there is a righteous remnant in any nation, that nation is His, because the righteous are His. We need to simply take the nation back and remind Satan that he has no authority here because we, God's people, have not given it to him. It doesn't matter who else has--they did so unlawfully. Our Lord is the victor and He will return it to us as long as we refuse to give it up.

Satan can lawfully accuse our churches when we deny Christ as the only way to salvation and join the world in condoning and blessing sin. But, the righteous have God's legal precedent set before us to intercede on the Church's behalf, that they will see the truth, live by it, and hold God's standard as the only banner under which the Church will stand.

For more information about Women of the Nation and Cheryl Salem's vision for the ministry, visit their website. Click the "Will You Pray with Me?" link at the top and register to receive weekly prayers for our nation. Also consider attending and hosting a Women of the Nation Pray Summit in your area.