Michelle Watson

Dr. Alveda King delivered a stirring message to the Fulton County Republican Women last Wednesday.

First, she reminded us that we cannot do anything without God. We must continue in prayer and then God can bring us before leaders knowing we will say what He would have us to say.

Then, Dr. King reminded us we are all the same race. From one man God made all nations (Acts 17:26, NIV). We use the word "race" to indicate one's skin tone or perceived ethnicity, but all humans are the same race. We are all of one people. All of us. When asked about how to approach or bridge the gap between those who are of different cultural backgrounds or of different skin color, remembering we are all the same race is the first thing we must remember. The second thing we must remember is Maslow's hierarchy of needs. Because we are all human, we all need the same things. Put God first, and then consider the remaining points in the hierarchy and where in the pyramid the person you are reaching out to is at this point in his life.

As only she can, Dr. King also addressed abortion and its link to racism. She said that using eugenics and genocide gives the abortion industry a stranglehold on Title X, or "Population Research and Voluntary Family Planning Programs." Between the years 1890 and 1920 compulsory vasectomies and tubal ligations were done one minorities and others deemed unfit to procreate. The legalization of abortion was and is simply a continuation of eugenics and genocide. The only difference is that it is no longer forced upon unwilling citizens in the United States. The pro-abortion agenda has successfully convinced thousands of women to willingly walk in to a clinic and murder their unborn babies, especially minority women who are being targeted with billboards in their communities telling them that having an abortion is sometimes the greatest show of love they can give.

We have all got to stop playing identity politics. We have got to start acting like we are all related, because we are. We have got to start caring about the unborn as if they matter, because they do.

Abortion is not a political issue or a race issue. It is a biblical and human rights issue.

We all must come together as one race and stop the murder of our babies.