Unity Commands God's Blessing

Michelle Watson

Over the past two weeks, we saw what happens when we unite.

Americans of every background and political party saw what the Democratic Party was doing to the latest Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh. And they didn't like it. Many united in prayer. Some even left their party to unite with a different one.

Psalm 133 tells us that when God's people are united He commands His blessing upon us. This is true for everyone--families, the church, the nation. We know this. We say things like, "We will not be divided." And, for a time we live like we mean it. Then, the crisis is over, and we resume our lives until the next crisis.

We must stop this tribalistic behavior. This idea that I will come to you if I need help, but then we can go to our separate corners of the world until one of us needs help again.

We must not just unite for a common cause. We must unite and stay that way until Jesus comes.

In order to break a threefold cord, you must shred it and destroy it. And, each time you take out a knot and put it back in, you create friction, which weakens the strength of the cord until it is easily breakable.

Paul Young sang, "Every time you go away you take a piece of me with you."

This is truly what happens to us every time we come together and then separate. We start to realize that we can make it in many ways on our own, so maybe we don't need to come together and unite after all. Until eventually we don't. And because we aren't united anymore, we get angry at and bitter with each other, slowly destroying the very thing we are all fighting to keep.

If we are going to make lasting change in our nation, we must come together and stay together.