IT’S JUST MY OPINION: If people would start using their common sense most of the politicians in office today would be home writing their memoirs. If people would use their common sense illegal aliens would not be able to walk into this country when they felt like it because their would be a barrier preventing easy access. If people used common sense they would not listen to people who had no facts to back up their rhetoric. If people used their common sense they would know that if a woman did not want a child and was in her 9th month she could just give the baby up for adoption and in case of a medical emergency a c-section could be performed. If people were using their common sense boys would be boys and girls would be girls and what adults did in the privacy of their bedrooms no one would know. But common sense is on the extinction list. Consider: Nancy Pelosi said it was to dangerous for the President to be driven across the street to give the State of the Union address but safe enough for her, her family and a few other Congressional representatives to travel to Afghanistan during the government shut down. Far to many people thought that made sense.

What would make a person take seriously someone with a pink “vagina” hat on their head? Recently, I saw a picture of two “famous” women wearing gowns with biologically correct oversized vagina models on the external portion of the skirt. Personally, I thought it looked vulgar; fortunately I am not into celebrity watching so I have know idea who the two were. I know many people who support with their vote the political party that endorses liberal ideology- Democrats- yet privately they do not endorse such behavior.

I don’t like liberal news networks and rarely even listen to them however recently I have paid attention to snippets. The use phrases like: it seems, it’s possible, it might, it could, it has been reported, such ambiguous terms that nullify anything that has been said. People don’t hear any of these phrases, what they hear as it relates to President Trump: impeachment, indictment, Russia, taxes, racist, and other terms that follow the phrases. Ten minutes of active listening to liberal news, if actively listening skills are used, should bring the hearer to the conclusion that the information presented is irrelevant.

People are discouraged from using their common sense and encouraged to listen to liberal media outlets. Liberal media is everywhere; what would happen to their ratings if airports turned to the Home and Garden channel? This constant cycle of open ended sentences compiled to create a sound bite that can be fed every fifteen minutes to the masses has lead to a society of zombie like intellect, common sense deficiency.

The promotion of what is actual, what is real and what is true is met with increasing resistance. Truth has become ambiguous and facts are evaluated according to political ideology. History cannot repeat itself because it has been rewritten, in addition intelligence has been redefined by the most prestigious universities and colleges. Common sense has indeed become uncommon. Written by Marsha L F Randolph