IT’S JUST MY OPINION- I find Democrats fascinating, particularly African-American Democrats. After listening to a variety of Democrat types I have come to the conclusion that those loyal to the party have no clue what it means to be a Democrat. For me the concept of being a Democrat is compounded by the declaration of many to be Christian. My conclusion is simple: African-American Christians who are loyal to the Democrat party have no idea what the party represents.

Over the years I have read the post of my Conservative Facebook Friends (FBFs), post in which they shared the actual data that revealed the Democrats have a history of being anti-people of color. The Democrats did not want slavery to end. The Democrats did not want people of color attending White populated schools. The Democrats not only populate the KuKluxKlan but they are also in support of Planned Parenthood which places their facilities in low income mostly Black neighborhood. The post which share this information has been shared and reshared on numerous occasions yet African-Americans remain loyal to the Democrat party.

I use the term African-American in many of my writings to distinguish a specific segment of the Black population. These individuals are loyal to the Democrat party, many publicly use the term African-American yet privately consider themselves Black. Like most history they enjoy discussing slavery as if they had read every book written about it- many still think Roots by Alex Haley was a true story. Whereas, I use the term Black people when referring to the people of color in general, Conservatives specifically.

I insert Christianity into the conversation because lately Democrats have been making declarations as if Jesus got off his throne to let them sit on it and advice GOD. I have a problem with a Christian telling me that GOD has no problem with aborting a baby, same-sex unions, or children wanting to change their gender. And, when I talk to African-American Democrats they have a problem with it too but they still vote Democrat.

I had a conversation with a person who declared that Donald J Trump, President of the United States of America was a racist. I asked: What specifically that Trump as a private citizen or President do to you that proves to you that he is racist. The African-American had no proof other than what liberal television personalities said. When I discussed all of the positive things the President has done since he has been in office that benefit Black communities the response was: “That is fake news. Stop listening to FOX!” Siting other sources are irrelevant.

Christian African-Americans separate their faith in GOD from their political ideology except when it comes to discussing President Trump. They are quick to point out he was an adulterer: I counter that with reminding them that his two ex-wives were at the inauguration and all of his children have a personal relationship with him. I also point out that David in the Bible was an adulterer. Which is why they are now complaining about the wall.

I had a conversation with a Super Christian African-American Democrat. She was complaining about the five billion dollar wall President Trump wanted to put up. It was her opinion that the wall was not necessary. Now, I could have pointed out the large amount of drugs and weapons that are brought into the country via the border; I could have reminded her that MS-13 gang came through the border illegally, I did not. Nor did I inform this loyal Democrat voter that sex traffickers used the border to bring in children to be used as sex slaves, women were raped along the way and diseases that had been managed in this country were making a come back. None of these arguments work when talking to loyal Democrats. I simply informed her that Obama supported exactly what Trump was asking for as did a few other Democrats. I know and you know that up until President Trump became proactive about sealing our southern border Democrats were in support of stopping people from coming into the country illegally. What I do not know was how much it was going to cost- neither did this Democrat. What she heard was Obama supported it and her response was to change the subject.

It is absolutely fascinating to me to have a conversation with a Democrat. I don’t have to watch the news to know what is trending as it relates to their “stories”. For the most part every liberal news outlet is presenting the same information using the same or similar words. Of course liberalism is prominent in all races but the idea of a people group supporting an organization that has a history of oppressing them and is still oppressing them boggles the mind.

The African-American Democrats I know do not read, research or listen to other ideas. They, like other Democrats, have decided to not listen to opposing views or verify the information fed to them. Their source of information consist of liberal news, traditional church leadership and people who think like them. They are satisfied with believing liberal lies. I think, if they just started thinking about what liberals are saying they will begin to realize how erroneous their words are. This is just my opinion….written by Marsha L F Randolph