Mason Weaver

Florida man arrested in a Stand Your Ground case.

Michael Drejka was shoved to the ground by Markeis McGlockton and shot him dead. The circumstances which brought about this death was caught on Security camera but that does not quell the protest and anger.

Michael Drejka (who is white) was arguing with the girlfriend of Markeis McGlockton (who is black) concerning a parking spot. Drejka was shoved to the ground by McGlockton. While Drejka was still on the ground, he pulled his gun and shot McGlocton, killing him.

This incident could have been avoided a number of ways but it was not. It became a fight. Any fight with an armed man is a fight over his gun. Drejka was not physically threatening McGlocktons girlfriend but arguing with a mans woman while his child is present, will get an aggressive response.

Now the black community leaders are organizing protest and that is probably why the prosecutor decided to press charges. Protesting will not work, charging the shooter will not work but not hitting a grown man who is armed will work. Mason Weaver “Tribalism” the book.


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