"The Democrat Party Hates America!" New book by Mason Weaver, set to be released

The Democrat Party Hates America. Why deny it?
The Democrat Party Hates America. Why deny it?

The democrat party hates America! How can you find common ground with some one trying to destroy your culture? How can you work with someone that hates what ...

Mason Weaver

The Democrat Party hates America, By Mason Weaver

The Democrat Party Hates America Book

Mason Weaver, author and founder of LeaveThePlantation.org, he explains how “The Democrat Party Hates America!”

Let’s stop playing! The Democrat Party has always been the party of slavery, misery, depression, anger and hatred. It is time they admit to hundreds of years of history. Since their beginnings and throughout their various name changes, they have been the party of oppression. They have no intentions of negotiating, finding common ground or discontinuing their never-ending march towards domination. They were against independents, the Constitution, individual freedoms, Women Suffrage, Civil Rights, and Indian Rights. All of their “Programs” have made more of us dependent, while enriching themselves. They are poverty pimping, misery managers. We have had enough! We have seen them marching the streets and blocking our freeways and disrupting our assemblies; burning down our cities; attacking us at dinner and ballfields; and they are the Party that wants to take God out of politics, and replacing instead, many un-Godly beliefs.There is no compromise with someone breaking into your home, stealing your cash, abusing your children and regulating you to death and after death. We have given them a chance to sit at the table of decision-making and they have refused to accept our American culture. They have given us hundreds of years of reasons, why we desire to rescue anyone wanting to escape their abusive belief system. They have given us Black Codes, The Fugitive Slave Act, lynchings, slavery and the Civil War. The Democrat Party has given us the KKK, White Citizens Council, and division. Every time we have taken away their slaves, they have gone to war on us. We have had enough and fully intend to take their slaves away again. ”You are free – so act like it: LEAVE THE PLANTATION!”