“Democrat/Socialist” is just another Democrat lie. (S.P.E.C. Political)

Mason Weaver

The Socialist in the Democrat Party, cannot expose themselves to the American people because they disagree with every cultural, spiritual and economic belief of Americans. They find their home in the Democrat Party because the Democrats have their home in deceit, lies and misdirection.

The term “Democrat-Socialist” is just a made up term designed to lead us deeper into the dark nightmare they have in store for America. Like “Separate but Equal”, they come up with great sounding names and slogans to put us at ease.

They cannot tell us they intend to impoverish, regulate, tax, and control your life. They cannot tell you that “Socialism“ by any other name, by any other attempt or by any other good intention, ONLY ends at a great tragedy for the people and great enrichment for the rulers.

No Democrat/Socialist can tell you how their Socialist program will grow the middle class, because Socialism does not have a middle class. They have the poor (YOU) and the rich (THEM). They are the Master/Slave Philosophy that has always enslave mankind. They used to call it Feudalism, Serfdom, and Slavery.

Now we call it Democrat/ Socialism. Mason Weaver