Why is the Supreme Court Ruling in TRUMP TRAVEL BAN a WIN?


In the 5-4 ruling Tuesday, the Supreme Court ruled to uphold President Trumps travel ban. Pleased with the outcome, President Trump tweeted "Supreme Court Upholds Travel Ban? Wow!"

This sends a clear message to the lower courts. "The Supreme Court has upheld the clear authority of the president to defend the national security of the United States," Trump said. Later, in a statement, Trump said it's "a moment of profound vindication."

WHO IS AFFECTED Trumps third version of the travel ban, bars or severely limits immigrants from Iran, Libya, Syria, Somalia and Yemen.

WHAT IT MEANS FOR THESE COUNTRIES Immigrants travelers from banned countries can apply for waivers on case-by-case basis. The travel ban revision has been in place since December. This decision confirmed it was well within Presidential power and was a "tremendous victory for this country, and for the constitution" (quote by President Trump).

WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT TO US CITIZENS This is an important step into preserving and protecting our country. It is also necessary to stop the influx and secure our borders. This ruling sends a strong message to those who were looking to the Supreme Court as their potential savior. The countries affected have only known war for so many years. Many of them actually only know hate, uprising, and terrorist activities. They do not want to assimilate or truly become Americans, and those types need to be stopped.

We are winning on so many fronts. President Trump promised this, and many other wins in his campaign, and he is faithfully delivering!

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Mason Weaver
Mason Weaver


I agree 100%. You gotta love this Court. With Justice Kennedy’s retirement and others to come, liberals will be desperate.