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Stephanie Wilkinson, owner of the Red Hen Restaurant is in the news only because she decided not to serve a customer for political reasons.

Sarah Huckabee and her family visited Stephanie Wilkinson’s restaurant to enjoy a meal. Huckabee did not know the Restaurant was owned by a radical feminist activist. She had no way of knowing Mrs. Stephanie Wilkinson had participated in the Woman’s march. She posted photos of the event on her Facebook page with her husband and son in their pretty pink hats.

Had Mrs. Huckabee known the Wilkinson’s family’s anti-freedom stance, she probably would not have trusted eating in that restaurant.

Conservatives should be aware of the violence liberals will use against us. We have seen the attacks on College campuses, rioting in the streets, confronting us in public and shooting up Baseball practice and concerts. We are in a war and we need to understand it. Conservatives criticized liberals for not naming the War on Terror, but we cannot seem to identify the war on Conservatives.

This is why we need sites like to become a gathering, non-compromising, non-apologetic training ground for warriors. Stop patronizing, associating and sharing your time, with those who wish to destroy your culture.

Stay Right or Be Left. Mason Weaver


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