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Mason Weaver


The magical thinking of Liberalism. There is fundamental reasons why the Obamacare program was always doomed to fail. Conservatives have been screaming for years about the obvious brick wall facing us. The clear problems of Obamacare founded the TEA Party movement and helped fuel nearly 2 million Americans to march on Washington to protest this and other full scaled attacks on liberty. Congress voted dozens of times to repeal, but was criticized for even trying.

We were told it was the law, held up by the Supreme Court and validated by the re-election of Obama. We were told it was foolish to filibuster, insane to resist and detrimental to political careers to be seen acting negatively on this coming enshrinement.

Then it happened! The actual implementation of Obamacare. No longer in the discussion stage, no longer in the rhetoric stage, now it was in the implementation, enforcement and part of the real world.

I was a good liberal, very vocal, emotional and a serious victim. I wrote Its Ok to Leave the Plantation to explain my journey from liberal to conservative. It is called growing up, being an adult and having confidence in yourself. In order to be a liberal you have to have no confidence in yourself, think you are a victim and believe others owe you something. You must hate success and work to make everyone liberal. Like that old wino on the corner offering his drink to anyone because he doesn't want to be the only drunk on the street. Liberalism insist you also drink the Kool-Aid of irrational thoughts.

The dream world of liberalism cannot work in the real world of getting it done because they can only visualize how they think the world should be without having a clue, nor the skills to bring it forward.

We spend far too much of our precious time trying to convince liberals they are liberal. Remember when you were an adolescent? You really thought you had a handle on the world. You actually thought your parents were out of touch and you knew more than they did. You wanted the car, without the car payments. You wanted the clothes without paying for it. And any allowance was based upon a Living Wage for you.

Then you grew up, moved out to Freedom only to realize you were a slave to Responsibility. Now visualize how your world would be as an adult if you still viewed the world as an adolescent. You would now want the house without house payments, food without a job and medical insurance without payments.  You would be a liberal, still a child, having temper tantrums and still looking for safe spaces. The only problem is now you get to vote for that housing, income and insurance along with your other liberal friends.

Liberalism is a childhood development incomplete and incapable of adult reasoning and wisdom. They can only feel and can ONLY argue about what YOU should do. Their world view is that of a young adolescent, using phrases like thats not fair, I don't Feel Like it, You disappoint me, be more Tolerant, open minded, racist, mean spirited and any other feelings, emotions and disconnected views of reality.

This is why nothing they ever gain last for long. We have seen their immigration beliefs fail. We have seen their War on Poverty fail. We have seen their Drug War fail. And we have seen the mess they have made of Social Security. There is no liberal Social Program which has worked. Because Liberalism cannot work. Everything they win is doomed to failure because everything they win requires implementation and they do not have the skills to work in the real, bricks and mortar world. 

This is why their only recourse after the inevitable failure is to blame us. Because we are the adults and should have known better than to allow them to set at the table of decision making. Its like giving your car keys to a 8-year-old to drive. After the inevitable accident they will not accept responsibility, they will blame you for allowing them to drive.

Liberals are nice people, with good hearts, but under developed cognitive skills and social interaction. We must love them and live with them but, must work very hard not to allow them to control your schools, Unions, news, entertainment and especially Political arena.

Now let's be the adults and fix this Healthcare mess, control our borders, recognize and defeat our enemies, stop social engineering, free our military and return to the adult version of America.

Self Governing is far too important to leave to the liberals.