My response to the Fort Lauderdale airport shooting

Mason Weaver Staff

The shooter tells us all we need to know about making Baggage Claim and every public gathering, safer.

Once again, the shooter chose a "gun free zone" where there was little chance of him being shot. This coward RELOADED and shot until he ran out of bulletins. He felt confident reloading because no one there could kill him.

Now he was un-armed and the folks capable of killing him was coming (the Police) the coward threw down his weapon and laid spread eagle across the floor. Hoping he would not be shot.

This is why they do not attack police stations, they don't want to be shot. So the best way to make Baggage Claim areas safer, is to allow me to carry my gun. There is no way this guy would be reloading two or three times if Concealed Carry was welcome. We are only safe when we are in charge of our safety.