Media Racism Exposed During Kavanaugh Fiasco

Nzinga Johnson

The Left is obsessed with race, sex, and sexual orientation. They took advantage of the most vulnerable moment in Judge Kavanaugh's life to point out the fact that he's white and he's privileged; because of those two attributes, he is not fit to be on the Supreme Court.  In 2018, Leftists have given themselves the right-of-way to assault, to call names and throw accusations solely on the basis of someone’s skin color. If you happen to be both, white and male, you're really in trouble. If you go into the lion's den yourself, as I have, you'll see the Leftist media showing their hand. They used the fact that Kavanaugh is a white male to spread propaganda that he is not to be believed when he denies sexual assault allegations.

I discussed the Kavanaugh fiasco with a friend the other day. I, being a right-wing bigot, sided with Kavanaugh. My friend, an upstanding, righteous, left-wing Democrat sided with Blasey-Ford. We had a civil discussion and gave our reasoning for what we each believe. My argument: “In a court of law, Blasey-Ford's testimony was not enough to convict a man and ruin his life.”. My Democratic friend's argument: "I grew up knowing privileged white boys and, trust me, they do that kind of sh*t."

What a riveting argument.

I am not surprised by the argument my friend made because the Left loves to reuse old tactics. There was a time when Democrats labeled black men as rapists and sexual assaulters of white women to justify ruining a black man's life and stringing him up. It was cruel then and it's cruel now. Replace “privileged white boys” with “negroes” and the statement is not indistinguishable from how Democrats used to label black people. The only difference between the past and the present is that there aren't any lynchings anymore. Nowadays you’re strung up and left to die by the media rather than a mob.

The media is the new lynch mob.

I went through ten pages of a Google search and here are the headlines that I found which attempted to socially "string up" Kavanaugh in order to destroy his reputation.

“The Angry White Male Caucus”

The Brett Kavanaugh case: This is how white male privilege is destroying America”

“A crying Brett Kavanaugh. This is what white male privilege looks like”

“Lindsey Graham, Brett Kavanaugh, and the unleashing of white male backlash”

“People aren't Divided on Kavanaugh's Confirmation. White People Are”

“Brett Kavanaugh Is a White Man”

“Brett Kavanaugh didn't 'lie'- he told some 'little-white-male-privilege lies' “

“ 'Rules are off,' Kavanaugh 'Guilty' Because 'He Is a White Man,' Dershowitz Says”

“Hell hath no fury like an entitled white man denied”

“Caucasian Rage! From Kavanaugh to Trump, When White Men Attack”

“Brett Kavanaugh And the Innocence of White Jocks”

“The Manipulative Power of White Men's Tears”

“Judge Kavanaugh Is Fighting for White Men Across America”

“This Was the Hour of White Male Rage”

“They Don't Want to Know: Rebecca Solnit on Brett Kavanaugh and the Denial of Old White Men”

“Kimmel: Trump Picked Kavanaugh Because He's 'the White Man for the Job”  

“White People Are Willing To Sacrifice White People To Uphold White Supremacy”

“Republicans, Kavanaugh epitomize angry white men”

“White boys will be boys: Kavanaugh, #MeToo and race”

“Georgetown professor says white GOP senators 'deserve miserable deaths' after Kavanaugh hearing”

Kavanaugh and the Danger os the White Male Upbringing”

“The Kavanaugh hearing puts White Male Entitlement on Angry Display”

“What Kavanaugh's Ugly Entitlement Can Teach Other White Men”

“Kavanaugh Hearings Showcase GOP's White Male Persecution Complex”

“Brett Kavanaugh and the Primal Screams of Whiteness and Patriarchy”

“A Majority of White Voter Believe Brett Kavanaugh Should Be Confirmed”

“On the Far Right, neo-Nazis, Racist Hail Brett Kavanaugh's Elevation to Supreme Court as Open Season on Women, Minority Rights in America”

“Counterpoint: Men Like Kavanaugh Always Enjoy the Presumption of Innocence; Others Aren't so Lucky”

“Men were happy Bret Kavanaugh was angry yesterday- and that's the problem”

“Media convict Brett Kavanaugh and GOP on grounds of being white males”

“Paul Krugman: Male Privilege at heart of Kavanaugh hearings”

“Kavanaugh and the white boys' club politics in the US”

Really subtle, aren’t they?

Being labeled a white male has been weaponized by this generation's Leftists. The media has no problem using this new weapon how and when they see fit, even when it doesn't make sense. There is a bigger agenda going on here, and I believe Tucker Carlson explained it best, “Racial division is a handy way for people who wield illegitimate power, for their own benefit, to divide the popular in order to rule it more easily. That’s what the British did in India.”