Mason Weaver launches his private group on

Mason Weaver Staff

I have been speaking publicly since 1984.

I have been exposing, confronting, correcting, challenging and debating ever since.

I have challenged the Grand Wizard of the KKK, Muslim leaders, homosexual activist and black militants.

I have had my home attacked, endured death threats and fought off assailants.

I have lost close family members and long time friends.

I was a good Radical, militant, liberal, and I know who they are. They are relentless and dangerous. Which is why I stand in front of them.

We cannot continue to confront them whenever they stick their heads up.

Under OBAMA, radical American hating groups have received Billions of dollars to work against us.

We must counter by organizing a place for us to gather. I am launching such a place online.

Join me on

We will have private members only videos, chats, articles, blogs and podcast, just for you.

Thousands of you have responded to me, pledging support. Thousands have pleaded to have my back. I am honored by those pledges and I am responding to your pledge this site.

Join us, support us, share information with us and when we call for action...act with us. Like minded people will follow you and together "WE WILL MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!"

You cannot Recieve what God Desires for you until you Achieve what God Requires of you. (Masonism)