Michael Cohen testimony: The 10 most notable lines from his hearing before Congress
Michael Cohen testimony: The 10 most notable lines from his hearing before Congress

President Donald Trump's former lawyer and fixer Michael Cohen testified before the House Oversight Committee on Wednesday — and the rhetorical fireworks wer...


IT’S JUST MY OPINION: I have really been to busy to pay attention to the news but I happened upon a news clip in which Michael Cohen the disbarred former lawyer of President Trump in his testimony before Congress said: I have lied but I am not a liar. Now, for the liberal media this statement was irrelevant because they were listening for words to use against President Trump. However, if you are a semi-rational, halfway intelligent, occasionally common sense thinking person even you will have to pause at that statement.

For me the second after he made that statement his entire testimony became irrelevant. I have not been following this story closely, as with other American’s I have other things to do; there is a world outside of politics. I was going to watch some of the hearings but then I heard those words come out of his mouth, I just could not do it, I could not watch the Democrat “let’s find dirt on Trump” circus.

There is a lesson to be learned from this though: liars don’t lie. Liars cannot lie because the Truth is not in them thus they don’t tell, what people of integrity call, the truth. America should know this by now but they do not- many still believe the lies of Obama.

People believe President Trump is a racist because a “liar” told them he was. It does not matter that these same individuals loved President Trump when he was citizen Trump. It is irrelevant that he has done more for people of color in the short time he has been in office than President Obama did in his entire eight years.

People believe that building a wall is not fair to the children who are coming into America to get a better life. (It is interesting that many of these people have a problem with America sending aid to these countries.) They ignore the very real truth of drugs being smuggled into the country. They disregard the crimes of rape and sex trafficking. They do not want to hear about the gang members coming in and out of the country or the terrorist that have easy access to our land. What people believe is the words of individuals who live in secure homes that have protective barriers, a fence or WALL, tell them that there should not be protective barriers along our southern border.

Many people see beyond the smoke and mirrors and realize that a liar does lie. Unfortunately, some of these individuals turn the other cheek, ignoring the fact that they are being lied to because then these individuals would have to evaluate the other lies they have been told. The older a person is the harder it is to accept the fact that he or she has been making decisions based on a lie.

Understand: Michael Cohen lied to the Senate Intelligence Committee about then citizen Trump building a Trump tower in Moscow. He knew the Democrats were out to get Trump and he has repeatedly tried to give them ammunition to destroy our President. He is scheduled to start his 3 year prison sentence in May 2019. The Democrats are his only hope for freedom so of course he may have “lied” but is speaking the truth now. WINK-WINK!

My prayer is people will listen to Michael Cohen’s words: I have lied but I am not a liar, and begin to compare what he is saying with what the media is presenting to the world is truth. Most of us have been lied to by a known liar, every word that comes out of a liars mouth has to be verified with irrefutable facts not innuendos. Let this be the beginning of your running away from a party that wants you to believe that they have lie but they are not liars. - written by Marsha L F Randolph