JUST MY OPINION: Three days after the Mueller report and the comments are rolling in. No I did not read the report nor have I watched the media to hear what they believe is in it- not even FOX news.

I have been glancing at Facebook and reading the comments on various political pages. The anti-Trumpers really don’t care what is in the report they are doubling down. To be fair the extreme ideology is being displayed on both sides, Democrat and Republican, however one side is basing their opinion on wishful thinking. How disconcerting it is to read the comments of educated people as well as hear friends and family continue to bash President Trump.

No! You cannot have 40 acres and a mule and President Trump is not a racist because he is not offering it. Though YouTuber Leo Dunson has a great idea- check out the video (above)!:

As I read and listen to the opposing views I have come to the conclusion that far to many people don’t want to change because it would require admitting that they were wrong; Worst, it would mean Conservatives were right. Who wants to admit that they have been on the losing side for decades? Who wants to admit that they are bound by ideology that leads nowhere?

Let me add this: some conservatives are getting arrogant, self righteous and that is not a good thing. Over confidence, pride, leads to destruction. Putting down your opponents is not the way to help them discover the truth.

As for the Democrat party they have to push the corrupt Trump agenda; therefore, the report they once supported they now have to discredit. Remember, they once supported building the wall along the southern border until President Trump decided to build it and then they decided they could no longer build the wall.

The people who follow those who consider themselves Democrat leaders, even though their is no such thing as a Democrat Party it is a Liberal-Socialist organization, choose to remain bound to the party. They are still bound because they refuse to admit that they were wrong for years if not decades. They are still bound because they refuse to evaluate the credibility of the information being presented.

I shy away from using such terms as: plantation, slavery, bondage, or even anti-Christ because the words trigger the reader and he becomes defensive. People reject any data that will challenge their way of life therefore they chose to maintain the status quo. People will accuse me, or other conservatives, of characteristics that best describe themselves, to them I am the slave.

The former bi-racial President, Obama, did more for Muslim nations that hate American, the abortion industry and the homosexual community than he did for America. Our current President Donald J. Trump has done more for Americans of all genders, race, religion, and social-economic status yet liberals declare Obama was greater and their followers accept the lie. At this point what else can we, Conservatives, do?

Since he won the election Liberals have cited various offenses President Trump could have committed that would warrant his removal from office; there were hearings regarding his paying Stormy Daniels for sex and the costlier Russia Collusion narrative both which resulted in no indictments. For two years Conservatives have been saying the Mueller report was a waste of tax payer money and now 30 plus million dollars later we have been prove to be correct.

It bothers me to see so many people who choose to be bound. They refuse to accept to the truth about liberalism. Telling a person, particularly African-Americans, IT IS OK TO LEAVE THE PLANTATION is offensive to those who are in denial. It is like those of us who once smoked cigarettes, many people told us that cigarette smoking was bad for your lungs but it was not until the personal decision to quit was made that we discovered how bound we were.

If you are one of those individuals that still hate Trump despite all of the positive things he has done for America and the proof that he loves this country, since the Mueller report found no evidence of Russian Collusion, then you are still in bondage. It is time to kick the Democrat habit- run away. #LeaveThePlantation written by Marsha L F Randolph