"Tribalism" the book. By Mason Weaver. Explains why more do not #Walk Away.

"Tribalism" a gang member goes back to slavery. www.Tribalismthebook.com
"Tribalism" a gang member goes back to slavery. www.Tribalismthebook.com

Why did I write "Tribalism?" What are the tribalistic reasons we are still serving Master? Has the "Plantation Slave System" been destroyed? "Tribalism" was ...

Mason Weaver

"Tribalism" the book. By Mason Weaver is now available on Amazon.com

A Black Gang member robs a store and is shot in this mysterious field call The Pass.

He wakes up to find himself 150 years back in history during slavery.

He has been shot by slave hunters escaping the plantation. He remembers the future and realized how much he has lost.

He is now a slave and helpless. He has no control and no hope. The lessons Jordan learns could lead him back to freedom.

A Black Gang member robs a store and is shot in this mysterious field call The Pass. He wakes up to find himself 150 years back in history during slavery. He has been shot by slavehunters escaping the plantation. He remembers the future and realized how much he has lost. He is now a slave and helpless. He has no control and no hope. The lessons Jordan learns could lead him back to freedom.

What would happen if a gang member finds himself back 150 years during slavey? Still remembering the freedoms he once had but now he is powerless. He has to learn the lessons of the past to gain his future. Tribalism uses history to describe why the present is as it is. It takes an honest, hard and eye opening look at issues ignored for too long.

Jordan's journey through slavery is a journey America is ready to go through.

The setting, Dorchester County Maryland is the location of Harriet Tubman's plantation. It's location is the same in the future and during slavery. The plantation is the same location of Jordan's home neighborhood.

The open field call "The Pass" in the present is secretly called "The Passage" on the plantation. The creek Jordan will escape over will have been reduced to a dry brook bed in the future, only flooding during storm run offs.

Jordan has never left the plantation, his family has never left the plantation and the plantation has never left him. He and his gang buddies are still working for master serving him instead of serving themselves.

On the plantation, master took care of all the babies the male made. Master actually rewarded the male slave for being the best breeder. Men had no respect for the black woman because of her use by Master. She had to be considered a bitch or a whore to save the male from the debilitating ego blow of watching another man control his woman. The males ego was destroyed when he accepted that white men must assign women to him for sex. The normal sexual prowess had a disturbing psychological poison pill when black man had to consider white men while breeding.

Master had no need for an educated slave and training was only supporting his ability to pick Cotton. Education was considered dangerous and illegal. Schools were only Cotton Picking Schools. In the future, education had become indoctrination. Slaves were not taught to compete in society, only to serve society. Children graduated with no skills in studying, reading or how to succeed. Learning was not a cultural expectation. Slaves had learned not to "act smart" in front of white people. A common phrase in the neighborhood where women talking to children, saying "Stop acting smart" or asking "Are you getting smart with me?" Showing intelligence was a negative trait.

"Give something back to the community" instead of "giving something back to your family!"

"Don't forget where you came from" not "Don't forget where you are going!"

The slave system breed slaves to be high energy while young to work hard in the fields. They were expected to work hard, make babies and die early...as soon as they could not work enough. Today, black men and women dominate almost every sport they engage in, football, baseball, boxing, track and field and most others. But at age 69 the average black male is dead of high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetics problems.

Jordan still ate the food Master gave the slaves and was following what he has always followed, serving his Master. What became a necessity for survival and feeding the black family ( pig guts, skin, toes, brains, ears, tails and neck), has become a cultural celebration. Fried food for every meal, create a diet your body cannot substance.


Introducing the unnamed town in Dorchester County Maryland. It is a mid-size isolated part of a larger city. Cut off by physical boundaries with little services, low employment, high crime and none productive schools. It was not always like that and there are still elements of better days visible and active.

Moderate singled family homes that used to serve a working class community. The hard working grandparents left the homes to their children who allowed others to manage their lives and their children. Their children are now uneducated, unmotivated.

In that neighborhood is an opened field called "The Pass" and a short cut out of the neighborhood. A pathway to the modest shopping area, services, elementary and high schools and a place for drug addicts and prostitutes to work their trade. No one knows why they call it "The Pass", it has always been called "The Pass." It has never been developed because of the little creek which runs through it and floods during heavy rains. "The Pass" had served the neighborhood as an escape route but had become the gates to their prison. If you did not have a car you were trapped where you were.

Jordan and his young friends had complete control over the neighborhoods. With no jobs, no hope and no services, they felt justified in earning money any way they could. They felt, since the white man controls their living conditions, income, education, transportation and freedom, believing everything they had has been taken by the white man, they had no other choice. So selling drugs and selling their women was a way of surviving. Jordan felt empowered by the fear others had of him. His ambitions did not grow any further than tomorrow and it was all about himself. He had no concept of saving, building up his neighborhood, freedom or opportunity. His philosophy considered business owners the prey. He had all of the trappings of his lifestyle, power, girls and respect. Except he really had none of it.

His world view leads him to rob a store to get "free" of selling dope on the streets. He robs the store actually seeking freedom. He crosses The Pass to the store. He robs the store and starts running back across the field. The store owner comes out and shoots him while he runs across The Pass. As Jordan fades away he can hear his mother and girlfriend screaming out his name. They had arrived at the store to cash their paychecks just to see him fall. Jordan fades away thinking about how this all happened.


Jordan awakens in The Pass to the sounds of his mother and girlfriend calling his name. They are wearing rags for clothing, speaking funny and looking extremely scared. Men on horseback (he thought they were Park Police) comes, beats them all and take them back to the Plantation.

Jordan finds himself in a world were no one fears him, he has no rights, protection, power or freedom. He learns that blacks must speak to the feet of white people thus bowing and shuffling is part of the lifestyle. He learns why he never respected black women or cared about taking care of his own children. He learns why education was unimportant, why slaves developed a different code language called "slang". Then he learns there were two types of black people on that plantations. Slaves and Prisoners.

His proud Uncle has become a weaken, frighten submissive slave. His beautiful mother cooks for master and is his concubine. His gorgeous sexy girlfriend is just practice for masters' son. He has no power to stop anything. The other slave men settled into being a breeder and abuser of women in order to please master. Their male ego is not connected with how well they protect their wives or provide for their children. Their egos are connected with how well they gamble, dance and how many women they can seduce for breeding purpose.

Without the males protection and with the males aggression towards her, the black female also lowered her self esteem. She began to think of her body as a commodity and her children as goods.

Jordan discovered there was no black culture. There was only, a slave culture. A real culture developed out of victories and success of the Community. They were only whatever master wanted them to be.

Jordan has to decide if he was a prisoner or a slave! A slave only sought to please Master and success was getting the best job on the plantation. A prisoner was always looking for a way to escape the plantation. He will never surrender his identify or self esteem to master. He will seek freedom from the plantation and raise his children to do the same.

Jordan had to distinguish between his real friends and those not supporting him. His gang member friends and those everyone said were sell outs had to be reevaluated. Jordan decides if he is a prisoner, then he could only hang around those seeking freedom.

After he discovered he must escape, he had to deal with all of the folks from the future. His mother, girlfriend, uncle, pastor and even the white slave holders. He had to walk a thin line knowing who to trust and who to believe.

Finally Jordan discovered why they called that field "The Pass" on the plantation it was called "The Passage" because crossing that creek led you north to freedom. But Jordan needed help, support, instruction and directions. He had to find out which salves wanted to help him get free and which wanted to inform on him to Master.

He must learn how to build coalitions of like minded people with a common goal, spirit and culture. Like his gang! But unlike his gang!

Jordan decides to escape! His mother is about to be sold, his girlfriend is pregnant (he doesn't know if it is his or Master Gilmore Jr.), and Master plans on killing him. He learns the secret code language of the prisoners on the plantation. He learns to dissect the language of the songs sang in the fields. Finally he learns the Preacher was the head of the Underground Railroad and has a plan to escape.


Lyrics from and Old Negro Spiritual had been ringing in Jordan's ears all day. He remembered it from the future having heard his mother sing it often. But never understood the meaning until this day. He had broken the slave code for the Underground Railroad. He now knew the secret language of those planning the escape.

Swing Low, Sweet Chariot,


Swing low, sweet chariot,

Comin' for to carry me home;

Swing low, sweet chariot,

Comin' for to carry me home.

I looked over Jordan,

And WHAT did I see,

Comin' for to carry me home,

A band of angels comin' after me,

Comin' for to carry me home.

He knew the band of angels were the freedom leaders and the Jordan was that creek in the middle of The Passage. And Jordan knew that "carry me home" meant freedom. Freedom tonight, freedom or slavery, his choice but it had to be made tonight. All he had to do was cross the creek, the Jordan, and he would be free.

The field call "The Pass" has become "The Passage" he is now a prisoner, not a slave. Jordan has learned that his position in life is set by him and no on else. At night, he escapes alone during a thunderstorm. He planned to meet up with his mother and Uncle across the creek. Into The Passage Jordan goes and then into the creek.

He stumbles as he reaches the other side and nearly drowns. But a hand reaches out to pull him ashore and he has escaped. Jordan learns to respect black women when he is led to freedom by Harriet Tubman on the Underground Railroad. He learns to respect white people when he sees who runs the Safe houses. He gets free and learns to respect himself when he meets Frederick Douglass and is told, "No one is free until all are free."

So Jordan, wanting freedom more than anything, risk that freedom for the love of his girlfriend and the baby she now has given birth too. Jordan, the selfish gang member, Jordan who only thought of himself, Jordan who expected everything from everyone, was now giving up everything for someone else.

He makes his way back to his plantation through the Underground Railroad to free his family. But Jordan does not know the slave code had been discovered by the other slaves and the plan of escape had been revealed to master...by his former gang members. Master had offered a slab of meat to any slave who would sell out the escape plans. Jordan ex-gang members turns on him for a slab of meat.

That night, Jordan approaches his girlfriend, the Pastor and others waiting to be led free in that field called "The Passage". Jordan's girlfriend hands him his new son, named James. As Jordan takes James into his arms, a shot rings out and Jordan falls to the ground with his son lying on his chest.

Jordan comes too from a coma in the hospital back in 2007. He has only been gone a couple of days, he has memories of all that has happened.

His girlfriend comes into the room with his mother and he announced her baby will be a son and that his name will be James. He is unaware that James was the name of his girlfriend's father.

Jordan faces his trial as a changed man. Even the probation officer and his Pastor recognized it. Jordan has learned the lessons of manhood, success and of sacrificing for others. Jordan is now truly a free man.


About the author. Mason Weaver

Mason's distinctive point of view is a direct result of a past tragedy that has produced a present day triumph. After a white racist shipmate pushed approximately 2800 pounds of steel and iron plates on him, the Navy classified him disabled and discharged him.

Mason found himself unskilled disabled and very angry with white America. He had to discover a new way of earning a living. He attended the University of California, Berkeley and studied with some of the most radical groups in America. His transformation from a Berkeley militant to a successful businessman was the subject of a documentary by The Coral Ridge Hour television program.

Mason hosted a live call in radio program and wrote a weekly column on social and political issues. He soon became a sought after public speaker and lecturer. Mason is gifted with an extraordinary view of government, society and business.

Mason Weaver is the author of It's OK to Leave the Plantation, The Rope, Diamond in the Rough, Polishing the Diamond in the Rough and Tribalism which discusses the social issues that affect us all and that bind us together. Noted for his quick wit, vigorous debate and forceful oratory, Mason is a challenge to the opposition and an instructive persuasive counselor to allies.