The culture of success and a culture of failure.

Mason Weaver

Freedom Is a Culture.

There is a culture of success and a culture of failure. This is how poverty becomes generational.

Berlin Wall fails November 9, 1989 Border opened in Germany November 10 1989 Germans could not believe the border guards were no longer there. Timid at first but once a few escaped and came back to tell, everyone wanting freedom came across the border.

In america, millions have been subjected to the cruelty of an abusive belief system. Portrayed as weak, helpless and inferior, they thought their only power was to beg from superior groups. They lived in poverty, drugs and hopelessness.

This new Plantation was divided by groups, all victims, none victorious All were separated by race, gender, income, location and age. Always separated and no way to find common ground. East Coast and West Coast, rural and urban, my school, your school and there were no compromises.

The “Other” people, the free ones, got their freedom by oppressing the POOR. The “oppressed” were told the corporations, white people, rich people, republicans, conservatives all had special opportunities kept from them. There was no way to succeed because THEY had all the power..

Until some brave souls began to look for themselves. Like Germany in 1989, some crossed the border to freedom…and returned to tell the truth.

Now millions of abused people are #Just Walking Away and the flood has started. And also, just like Germany, the free people are building a SAFE HOUSE for them to rest, learn and participate in their own freedom.

But be aware. The last time we took the slaves away from liberals they launched a civil war.

Those unknown heroes that ignored Masters tells about how bad freedom was,, left the plantation anyway. They did not know the direction to freedom but they knew it existed. Free people always help enslaved people. Seldom does oppressed people free themselves. That had to have a safe place to escape to. Today, we are building a safe place to run to, a safe environment to learn, get direction and prepare to go back and get others.

We are building such a place.