Before there was a #WalkAway Movement there were people leaving the political ideology found in the Democrat Party.

Back then, late 70’s early 80’s, I was a generational Democrat. A generational Democrat is worst than being a loyal Democrat. A loyal Democrat will defend his or her position- no matter how wrong the position is. A generational Democrat votes Democrat because that is what his or her family has always done even if the policies cited do not make sense.

I was not raised to be loyal to anyone or anything the people in my family were Baptist and Democrat by tradition. I was not taught to hate the Republicans my family was just Democrat. I was not raised in an every Sunday go to church household but when we the family did go we attended a Baptist church. My politically active mother taught me to know why I believed what I believed and, by example, to stand by what I believed in; most of these discussions had to do with faith.

I was a Democrat with no church affiliation when I first registered to vote. When I became a mother and a wife my priority was not focused on who do I vote for but what does GOD say. After all the media was giving me information about the men and women in the government. I was living the American dream and yet I really was not content so I began searching the Scriptures.

The questions I had were not being answered by the church, I was in desperate need of answers. On the road to learning how to live my life I discovered the Democrats were not right. I was not politically savvy enough to understand everything: back then Watergate was still fresh in everyone’s mind, Betty Fords’ problems were part of the political conversation and Jimmy Carter’s brother was more interesting than the President himself. I did not vote for Reagan because he was a Republican and a former actor. I was a registered Independent who voted the Democrat ticket because I had been conditioned to focus on fluff and not substance.

After my divorce I joined an African American Episcopal Church, AME, I wanted my children to know “our history”. As I have shared with quite a few people: After spending a night partying I went to church the next day and sat in the balcony with my “friends”, the ones who had partied with me, I had dozed off and woke up just in time to shout and praise God with the rest of the church members at the end of the service. As I left that “historic” Black church I saw materialistic, superficial people, many very academically educated -Ph D’s and such- yet still chained to an ideology. I could feel the chains going around me ankles and I did not want my children to be destined for this “slave” mentality. That was the last time I went to that church and the beginning of my leaving the Democrat Party.

It is not about money! White people are not the only rich people. I had money when I was with my first husband but I was not free.

It is not someone else’s fault. I could have blamed being raised by a single mother, my gender, my race or the fact that my first husband was abusive for not succeeding in life, for being on welfare if I had chosen that route. Those would be excuses for me living on a modern day plantation, confined to a life of limitations. I was studying Scripture and attending a church that taught the word without all of that yelling so I knew the truth: “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” (Philippians 4:13)

I firmly believed back then and still do: If I want to be a Christian then I have to be a Christ centered person and not a man / people centered person. You cannot get into heaven because your mother was a Baptist! You can go to hell following people who do not allow Jesus to be Lord of their lives. You will not reach your potential doing things “their” way.

The more I studied Scripture, with the help of my non-Denominational Church leader and my personal studies, the more I started paying attention to what people around me including politicians were saying.

Separation of church and state are irrelevant to Democrats during election time. When I was at the Historical “AME” church I would try not to come to church during election time because anyone running for office came through the church and those the church supported were allowed to speak a few words. Hillary Clinton’s “No Ways Tired / hot sauce in her pocket book” campaign tour reveals how pandering politicians can be.

Politicians want your vote not your lifestyle. Today it is important to control your lifestyle in order to keep your vote thus Christianity must be redefined.

When I first registered as a Republican it was in protest against the Democrat party. I had not voted for George H. W. Bush but I did vote for Bill Clinton, the first time. By the time George W Bush came around I was voting the Republican ticket- period. It was around this time that my discussions on faith and politics began to create a strain in my family relationships.

The Democrat nomination of Barak H Obama, sealed the deal for me! By then I was solid in my relationship with GOD and could articulate what I believed. My family had already told me to “turn in my Black” card but, when I said I was not voting for Obama that confirmed their opinion of me. I saw how influential the Democrat mantra was to African-Americans, how tight the chains were on their minds.

There is a direct relationship between a person’s knowledge of GOD’s word and their political ideology. If the foundation of your faith is “what they said” or “my family has always” then it will be difficult to accept someone different. Of course, I am not endorsing anyone joining a cult or becoming a Socialist both of these ideological groups are people who have exchanged one type of bondage for another. Many who have joined the #WalkAway Movement and those of us who left the Democrat Plantation decades ago are rooted in biblical truths that even traditional Christians cannot deny.

I choose to be free. I disassociated myself from denominational thinking and began searching Scripture for myself, I associate with men and women who have a personal relationship with GOD through Jesus, not the church leader. I have read the Constitution of the United States, read a few biographies, researched historical facts, and used my common sense and critical thinking skills to analyze political information given to me. I know the government does not take precedent over GOD. And I know: separation of the church from the state is just that: the church is not influenced by the state BUT the state should be influenced by the church because the church is filled with voters. I choose to be free and I choose to vote my faith.

Because I vote my faith I cannot vote for or support an entity that endorses the killing of babies, transgenders, same-sex marriage, the rights of illegals within the country, the unfair taxation of its’ citizens and many such issues the Democrat Party believes to be worth supporting.

Am I a die hard Republican? No, I am not even a Super-Christian! In discovering what I believe I learned what I don’t believe. I id not support the Republican nomination of JOhn McCain but I did like Sarah Palin. The 2012 election was the first time I had contributed to a Presidential campaign and it was not for Mitt Romney. Yes, I am 100% pro-Trump:I trust his decisions and respect his results.

In my faith journey I discovered my love for writing and sharing; I have a strong desire to help people help themselves. UNFORTUNATELY, many Black people do not think they need help. Far to many African-Americans believe that I am the one that is blinded from the truth. I use the term “African-American” to designate loyal Black people who refuse to know why they believe what they believe. I understand how hard it is to #WalkAway when you see the persecution those who have left the bonds of ideological enslavement carried out by one’s own friends and family. I have discovered a way to help this is where I am today.

For many, the biggest stronghold a person has is the church. My journey to freedom began with understanding what the Word of GOD said about my life. I had to make the decision to seek first the kingdom of God (Matthew 6:33) for myself. I had to come to the understanding that my eternal life would not be based on what my church leader told me or what my family did but what I knew; eternity is a long time to be wrong. I had to learn the hard way what to believe and why.

At first glance many may not think I am not blessed because I drive an old van and don’t wear designer clothes BUT anyone who knows my full testimony knows that I am blessed and “highly favored”. Most Christians do not agree with their church leaders any more than their political leaders and have settled on being in debt and unable to reach their full potential. Far to many Black people will not see their dreams fulfilled because they have a group think, “plantation”, mentality because of what “they”, the church and the political party, say. I went outside of the “plantation” and obtained additional information thus gaining my freedom and today I am equipped to bring all who want to go hop on the freedom train in the NEW UNDERGROUND RAILROAD. So, How can I help you help yourself? written by Marsha L F Randolph