Happy Memorial Day, from Mason Weaver.

The Patriotic Monolog
The Patriotic Monolog

Motivational Speaker Mason Weaver on the American Culture. Mason Midea Company Producer: Mason Media Company

Mason Weaver

The Patriotic Monolog, by Mason Weaver

Those who served and those who gave all, did not do it for a Memorial Day celebration. They did not leave their homes and family so you can have a day off work. They did not spill their youth to be praised but others. They wanted freedom, they loved their country, they wanted to leave something for their grandchildren.

This Memorial Day, let's celebrate their sacrifices in memories, speeches and parades. But let us also celebrate by defending the freedoms the fought for. By honoring their sacrifice by our due diligence, is the respect we owe them. If they thought enough of our freedoms to die for them, the least we can do is love freedom enough to defend it.

God Bless America. Mason Weaver

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