IT’S JUST MY OPINION - Many people who say they want to be rich just want easy money. In order to have a lot of money and keep it you have to work.

A friend of mine who has a PhD did not become rich because he was a professor at a university. He became so because he invested his money through an accountant but studied every investment he had and controlled what to buy and what to sell. He did not squander his money on new cars, though he drove a nice one; a fancy home, he lived in the same house for over 30 years and just recently moved; nor did he make extravagant purchases or trendy items. This friend was instrumental in helping his son become a multi-millionaire, his son works. This man who has a doctorate in mathematics is Black.

Another friend of mine, also Black, started his life out as a bag boy for a local grocery chain. He worked his way up in the ranks and also retired a multi-millionaire. Like the other friend he studied not only about the business he was in but other income generating activities, investments.

The difference between the two individuals is one worked in academia, aka liberal White people, and the other worked in the corporate world, where their were mostly white leaders. Neither let “the white man” stop them from being successful. There is not a Black millionaire I know that made money by playing the lotto, though a few of them do.

I know quite a few people who want to be rich. These individuals do the opposite of what my millionaire friends do.

  • They live paycheck to paycheck not budgeting, saving or sacrificing
  • They keep up with marketing trends using a credit card (more debt) to buy the latest and greatest. Ex. The iPhone
  • They get an understanding of finances from television personalities
  • The do what everyone else around them is doing. We used to call it: “Keeping up with the Jones.”
  • They invest money in gambling, the lottery, instead of creating a financial portfolio
  • Those who start business do not have a business plan or an accurate plan, one person said he copied someone else’s.
  • Those who start business do not keep accurate records of expenses or income and have no clue where the money is going

So why am I not rich? Don’t worry I will be. The first 40 years of my life I had to leave my home to go to a J-O-B. Today my husband pays all of the household bills while I have been establishing the foundation for what I will be doing the rest of my life. I am not rich today because I have been studying, preparing myself for the wealth that is to come.

Most people do not even know what rich is! Many do not understand what television personalities are talking about when they refer to some individuals as wealthy. By the standards of most of the low income individuals I know, as well as those in the middle income bracket, television personalities, celebrities, and the President of the United States are rich.

Congressional representatives are very good at complaining about how much money they do not make. They complain because they “have to have” a place to stay in Washington DC as well as maintain their home in the state they represent. What they do not complain about is the number of days in the year that they are really in session, about 138. They don’t complain about their “starting Salary” of over $175,000 - can you really call this a per year income if they don’t work the entire year, and barely a full week? Did you know that they could fly free in most cases if they are going to their “home” state and they get free airport parking? I am not going to discuss their fees for a public speech because what I share this information so that you the reader can understand this one fact: The very people who are complaining about those mean rich Republicans are lying Rich Democrats.

The only way to discover the truth is to study.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, New York District 14 U.S. Representative 14TH, seems to believe that most people really do not want to be rich. People want money they did not work for to buy stuff they do not need. Apparently, in her “First Draft” of her Green New Deal she proposed that people who do not want to work should get a check anyway. Ms. Ocasio-Cortez is not a poor little ghetto girl who did good, she has money and as long as there are poor Americans remain broke she will keep her money.

There is not one rich Black person in America who did not have the assistance of a non-Black as they accumulated wealth. There is not one poor Black person in America who did not have the assistance of a rich person who made money from helping poor Black people. Let me rephrase that: poor people are poor because poverty pimps: give away cheep phones, food stamps, poor housing a a few extra dollars every year (a $15K refund check is nothing to them) and turn their backs on the killings because they can get government dollars to “study” they problem.

If you want to be rich you absolutely must change the way you think. You have to stop blaming others and take a look at where you are now.

Many Black people lived in an all Black neighborhood, that had a Black mayor, under Obama’s administration, with a Democrat Congress and a Republican group that said yes to whatever Obama wanted. Yet, their utopia was not as expected. As Barack Huseein Obama left office: Black men were still getting killed or locked up Black women were still having babies out of wedlock or worst, aborting them, and no one was getting rich.

White people started #WalkingAway from the liberal plantation yet African-Americans, influenced by the sound-bite expertise of television personalities, decided Republicans were the problem and the election of Donald J Trump was proof. Furthermore, African-Americans belittled Black Conservatives for not only leaving the plantation but criticizing those of us who did. Clearly, there is not only a need for the rebirth of common sense but also the development of critical thinking skills.

Do you really want to be rich? Do you want to not have to worry about paying your bills ever again? Then you have to stop listening to people who make money off of you because of what you don't know. Personally, I don’t chase after money, money chases after me because I know that money does not acknowledge skin pigment. - written by Marsha L F Randolph