Andrew Gillum 'deeply appreciative' of billionaires Soros

Mason Weaver

Another black democrat embraces Socialism. SEE MASON WEAVER VIDEO

Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum thanked George Soros for helping him win the Florida Democratic gubernatorial primary. Why are so many black politicians embracing the idea of socialism? What has Socialism ever done for black people, anywhere on the planet? What Socislism Nation, government or leader has done anything for black people?

Socialism enslaves black people, Capitalism frees black people. Black people living in Capitalist countries are the healthiest, richest, most influential black folks on the planet. What Skcialist nation can you find black Billionairs in business, sports and entertainmen? The black community is growing tired of being told by these media selected black leaders, that our only hope is better slave management.

Name me a Socialist system you can brag about. Mr. Gillum will find black voters will reject Socialism, especially in the environment of prosperity.