The Swedes are implanting micro chips into their bodies...for convienents. Anti-Christ will use a mark in the hand and on the forehead to control peoples everyday activities.

Using a micro chip is not evil and will not usher in anti-Christ. But these tools must be common and acceptable before mankind will accept them from the coming world dictator. We must think of it as so convenient we would be willing to give up our privacy for it.

We see it online everyday. We are willing to give up our privacy for small shining objects. But with this chip your convenience will also make it easier for the government to monitor your movement, companies can track what you do and your freedom to work, shop, entertain, go online and have medical treatment, will be with the permission of others.

But think of the convenience! Children will be tracked an never kidnapped. Drug dealers will be out of business because we would only buy things through the micro chip. People hiding from the police will be caught because they could not travel, be at home, drive a car or purchase food. Life would be great as our government manages the good people and control the bad ones. That will work well, until the government changed the definition of good people.