Louise Robertson

Magool was created in 2018 by psychotherapist and human rights activist Leyla Hussein. We promote the rights and well being of girls and women especially those who have experienced or are at risk from female genital mutilation (FGM).

We believe that all girls and women should be able to be their true authentic self and fulfil their potential. This is only possible if they can live free from fear and violence and realise their human rights.

Our work supports the end of all forms of physical and emotional oppression against women and girls, including female genital mutilation (FGM). We also focus on ensuring survivors of oppression and abuse receive specialised support and services.

We will achieve our mission and lead change by:

  • Creating opportunities for greater commitments and investments from donors, policy makers and other influencers to end and prevent all forms of oppressions against women and girls including FGM
  • Empowering survivors of FGM and other forms of sexual violence by incorporating mental health support, and by influencing the conversation to do no harm and support survivors as positive agents of change
  • Providing funding, resources and support to grassroots and survivor led efforts to end FGM and other forms of oppression against women and girls to increase their effectiveness and scale
  • Promoting greater understanding and public awareness about FGM, those who survive it and the importance of ending it.

Contact us via email at info@magool.org

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