Three year old girl undergoes FGM in London

Magool Team

A shocking report in the London Evening Standard newspaper details how a man and woman appeared in Court in London accused of carrying out female genital mutilation (FGM) on their 3 year old daughter. The girl needed emergency surgery and treatment in hospital after the FGM was carried out in her East London home.

Our thoughts are with this young girl and we are heart-broken that she has been failed in such a terrible way by her parents and others in authority who were responsible for keeping her safe. We hope that she now receives the care and support she will need as a result of this early childhood trauma. FGM is one of the most extreme forms of violence against girls and women and has lifelong consequences for survivors.

This case is also important as, despite passing legislation against FGM as long ago as 1985, the UK has yet to deliver a successful prosecution despite increasing evidence of British girls and women undergoing FGM. Activists have long campaigned for those responsible for FGM to be held to account as well for more community support to prevent the practice. This is seen as essential not only to provide justice for those who experience FGM but also to send a clear message to those who support this harmful practice.

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